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VIPRow Sports

Being a sports enthusiast, we all don’t want to miss out on live sports matches and events. One of the popular sports streaming websites is VIPRow which offers all major Sporting events and live sports channels.

Now, you probably want to know how to use VIPRow Sports on your streaming device. You can use any browser to visit the VIPRow website and stream your preferred sports material.

In this article, we will provide you with more details about VIPRow so that you can know if it is safe and legal to use or not.

What is VIPRow Sports?

VIPRow Sports is a well-known sports streaming website that allows you to stream live sports and sporting events. It includes sports such as NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL ice hockey, MLB baseball, NCCAF and many others. Here on this site, you will find other sports categories as well like football, MMA, boxing, WWE, tennis, baseball, golf, cricket, volleyball and many others.

Features Offered by VIPRow Sports

The following are the features offered by VIPRow Sports as mentioned below:

  • Detailed Coverage

VIPRow Sports not only offers you live streaming of matches but also you can know about your favorite teams. It provides you detailed coverage of any live match in real-time and you can watch it from anywhere as there are no geographical restrictions.

  • Simple User Interface

Another best feature of VIPRow Sports is its amazing design and functionality. This website has a simple user interface as you can find all the functions on the main screen in one place. Not only all the channels are available easily but also the thumbnails are huge so you can locate your favorite sports channel in one go.

  • Free Access

Unlike other streaming platforms, VIPRow Sports does not ask you to pay any high monthly fees. You can just create a free account on VIPRow and start streaming your favorite sports channels.

  • Multiple Streaming Options

In the final days of any sporting season, a lot of things happen at once. The majority of excellent streaming services at this time let you watch one event at a time, however VIPRow doesn’t. With VIPRow Sports, you can play multiple streams at once.

  • Compatibility and Quality

At times, the quality of the videos is compromised by free streaming services, which can be really irritating. However, with VIPRow, you can watch HD streams as it offers high-quality and buffer-free streams. Additionally, VIPRow Sports is compatible with several devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, Android Boxes, and Firestick so you can enjoy it on your preferred device.

How to watch VIPRow Sports on Firestick

How to use VIPRow Sports on Firestick or Android?

If you want to use VIPRow Sports then you will need a web browser to access it on Firestick or Android. For Firestick you can use the Silk browser as it is one of the most popular options while for Android devices you can use TV Bro or Puffin TV. Here are the steps to access the VIPRow website as mentioned below:

  • Firstly, On your Firestick, open the main menu and go to ‘Find’ and click on the search option.
  • In the search bar enter Silk browser and you will see Amazon Silk Browser, click on its icon.
  • Now download and open it and go to the search bar of the Silk browser.
  • Now enter the URL of the VIPRow Sports website which is
  • Once you click on the website you can easily access it and on the home page, you will see numerous sports channels.

VIPRow Sports website is easy to use and there are different categories of sports available on the main screen so you can just pick your favorite sports and enjoy streaming.

Is VIPRow Sports safe and legal?

VIPRow Sports is not available to download from any official App Store like Google Play or Apple Store so you have to download it from third-party apps. This made people wonder if VIPRow is a legal platform or not. So you must know that the platform is completely legal to access but it is up to the user if they are streaming legal or copyrighted content. Furthermore, you must be aware that this type of content distribution is not free from risks so you need to use a VPN to access the website.

Streaming illegal content can land you in trouble and devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick cannot distinguish between legal or illegal content. So it is advised to use a VPN that will not only protect you from malware but also your online activities will not be tracked by the government.


  1. Does VIPRow Sports provide live streams?

    Yes, VIPRow Sports offers live streams of different sporting events in high quality so that users can watch their favorite sports in real time.

  2. What happens if you watch pirated content from VIPRow?

    If you’re caught streaming illegal content on any website like VIPRow then you may have to pay a hefty amount of sum as a penalty. Moreover, watching illegal content is considered a legal offense so you may end up in trouble as well.

  3. What are some legal alternatives to VIPRow Sports?

    Some legal alternatives to VIPRow Sports include Hotstar, Sony Liv, Sky Sports, Hulu, ESPN, NBC Sports and others.


Overall, VIPRow Sports is a free sports streaming platform where you can watch your favorite sports content in high quality. It offers different sports channels from across the globe and gives you access to a huge library of sports matches and events. Moreover, the website is simple to use which makes it quite popular among users who want to watch free sports. However, as it is not safe and legal to watch copyrighted content, we advise you to always use legal platforms to watch your favorite sports. We hope you found this article informative and now you know everything about VIPRow sports.

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