How To Cancel Order On Zomato India? – How To Cancel Order On Zomato Before Deliver?

by Alexander Griffin
How To Cancel Order On Zomato India

Zomato is a well-known food delivery business that offers great customer service. You can choose from various nearby restaurants and place your order knowing that the meal will be of the highest caliber. Millions of consumers have fallen in love with Zomato because of its incredible cancellation and refund policies. Zomato is aware of its users’ demands and is cognizant that errors might occasionally occur during the ordering process or that users may decide to change their minds for various reasons. The majority of consumers, however, find it stressful because they don’t know how to cancel. Thus, stop worrying. We’ll explain in this post how to cancel a Zomato order and receive a refund.

How To Cancel Order On Zomato After Order?

Within 60 seconds of placing an order on Zomato, you may quickly submit an order cancellation and get a full refund. Nevertheless, you can always cancel your order on Zomato by doing the following actions once the 60-second timeframe has passed:

  • Go to the Zomato website or app.
  • In the right corner, select the “Account” area.
  • Select Order Detail from the menu to view the delivery status.
  • There is a list of food orders available. Click on the order that you want to cancel.
  • Choose “Get Support & Help.”
  • Choose “Click to talk with us.”
  • Click “I want to cancel my order” after that.
  • Choose a rationale from the options provided.
  • Choose “Sure, I’d like to cancel my order.”

Contact Zomato as soon as possible by calling their customer service number if you have any issues with the canceling process or require any more help. They can help you understand the correct process for canceling an order on Zomato and can also provide you with information regarding the cancellation fees associated with Zomato orders.

Getting A Refund From Zomato

Here are the process of how to cancel COD order on Zomato:

  • If the incorrect order was delivered to you
  • If a food item goes missing, if your delivery is delayed, if your food is spilled, or if your food is not delivered
  • If the delivery person is not answering, if the amount you are receiving is insufficient
  • Incident of delivery partner fraud
  • If the restaurant has recently closed, if your order is placed but not accepted, or if the quality of your dish is compromised
  • If foreign objects are discovered in your food
  • If the ingredients in your food are incorrect
  • If the food you received was not vegetarian

The total amount of your refund may differ based on Zomato’s and the restaurant’s order cancellation policies. The same case will be in how to cancel order on Zomato cash on delivery option. You will undoubtedly receive a refund in the form of money or Zomato credits if you experience any of the aforementioned problems. In 5-7 days, your payment will be credited. The following steps can help you request a refund from Zomato:

  • Go to the order area of the Zomato app after opening it.
  • Select the order you just placed now. You can get assistance by tapping the icon in the upper-right corner of the app.
  • As soon as you inform them of the problem you are having, they will now request proof.
  • Snap a photo of the meal and share it on the chat support.
  • You may be asked to remain connected for up to ten minutes by Zomato support workers.
  • After that, they will take care of the problem and return the money that your request is entitled to.

What Is The Cancel Policy Of Zomato?

  • Order cancellations that are made by you or that are canceled for non-Zomato-related reasons (such as giving incorrect information, failing to return calls, or being unavailable) are regarded as violations of your contract with Zomato. Should this occur, you will be required to pay a penalty equal to the cost of the order. Zomato has the right to recover this penalty in a number of ways, including by taking it out of the payment for your subsequent order. This is to guarantee that directives are followed carefully and that problems are handled amicably.
  • Zomato might occasionally be unable to accept your order or could have to cancel it. This could occur due to technological difficulties, unavailable items, or other issues that Zomato, the restaurant, or the delivery person are responsible for. You won’t be charged a cancellation fee in this case. Should you have made payment for the order previously, a refund should be issued to you. You will get your money back.

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Zomato plays a significant role in modern eating by connecting customers with a vast array of culinary selections. Zomato’s refund policies and cancellation policies are essential for guaranteeing that customers have a simple and reliable experience. Because Zomato is committed to providing excellent customer service, its customers can enjoy a more enjoyable dining experience overall because of its explicit cancellation policies and simple refund process.


  1. How to cancel order on Zomato before delivery?

    Don’t forget to provide your name, order items, order number, email address, phone number, confirmation number, and a brief explanation of the cancellation. Make use of the customer support number that can be found on the order page or confirmation email. If the website has a customer support line that is open 24/7, this is quicker than email.

  2. What happens if we don’t accept Zomato orders?

    An order from Zomato will normally be canceled and the customer won’t be charged if they choose not to accept it. Zomato’s cancellation rules, however, might change based on the situation.

  3. How to cancel order on Zomato after payment?

    Get in touch with the merchant directly if you wish to modify or cancel your order. Merchants have the authority to start refunding orders if they have already processed a charge for it.

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