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Dicks Sporting Goods Return Policy

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a well-known and largest sporting goods retailer in the USA. You can shop a lot of sporting products like outdoor gear, athletic wear, or sports equipment from Dick’s sporting goods. However, there are times when we need to return products for specific reasons. In such a case, it offers a clear return policy to guarantee client satisfaction. So it is important to understand what is Dick’s Return Policy as it will ensure a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience.

What is Dick’s Return Policy?

The return policy of Dick’s Sporting Goods is designed to be user-friendly. It accepts returns under a few conditions and during a specific period. It has a broad return policy for the majority of things bought online or in-store. Most products are returnable for a complete refund within 60 days after purchase when provided with a valid receipt. However, certain products have limited return periods, and some cannot be returned.

Guidelines Regarding Dick’s Return Policy

The return policy of Dick’s Sporting Goods is created with the convenience of the client in mind. The following are the fundamental general rules to remember while returning products at Dick’s Sporting Goods:

  • Receipt Requirement

If you want to return any product at Dick’s Sporting Goods then it is suggested to show your proof of purchase such as an original receipt packing slip or order confirmation. Moreover, if you have made an online purchase then the company may check out your order using your account information.

  • Product Condition

The item you wish to return must be undamaged, in its original packing, and in its original condition with all tags, and labels. If the item is not in its original condition, Dick’s Sporting Goods has the right to reject returns.

  • Timeframe

The return policy of Dick’s Sporting Goods typically permits returns within 60 days of the original purchase. There are, however, some exclusions and certain products can have different return periods. So always verify the return policy that applies to your particular purchase.

  • Exceptions

Certain items may have special return requirements or are not returnable at all. These include ammunition, firearms, customized or tailored goods, and specific electronics.

How can you return products With or Without a Receipt?

Returns are accepted at Dick’s Sporting Goods with or without a receipt and the process is as mentioned below:

  • With Receipt

It’s simple to initiate a return if you have your original packing slip, order confirmation, or receipt. To begin the return procedure, go to Dick’s Sporting Goods store or get in touch with customer support. After processing the return, Dick’s Sporting Goods will pay back the full purchase price to the original payment method.

  • Without Receipt

Dick’s Sporting Goods might still accept the return if you don’t have a receipt, but it would be more difficult. They’ll try to use your credit card number, account information, or other transaction details to look up your purchase. You can receive your refund on a merchandise card or as shop credit.

Dick’s Return Policy Regarding In-Store and Online Purchases

The return policy of Dick’s Sporting Goods applies to both in-person and online transactions. You can start the return procedure using your account if you made an online purchase using the Dick’s Sporting Goods website or app. Items can be returned by mail or in-person at Dick’s Sporting Goods store by following the guidelines provided.

Special Return Guidelines at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Certain product categories at Dick’s Sporting Goods have specific return guidelines as mentioned below:

  • Firearms and Ammunition

Due to regulatory restrictions, firearms and ammunition are typically non-refundable. So you can reach out to Dick’s Sporting Goods for help if you have any problems purchasing a gun or ammo.

  • Electronics

When buying electronics from Dick’s sporting goods, it’s suggested to read the terms and conditions because they can have particular return policies.

  • Customized or Personalized Items

Customized or personalized items frequently have few return alternatives. When ordering such things, you must know the terms and conditions in case of return.

How to Contact Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Support?

If you have any inquiries about their return policy or require help with one you can get in touch with Dick’s Sporting Goods customer service using the following ways:

  • Customer Service Number

The customer support number for Dick’s Sporting Goods is 1-877-846-9997. When requesting assistance over the phone, make sure you have your order information ready.

  • Online Contact Form

You may also use the online form available on Dick’s Sporting Goods’ website to send questions or requests for help. To obtain the form, go to the “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” area of their website.

  • In-Store Assistance

You can go to a Dick’s Sporting Goods store nearby if you would rather receive help in person. When it comes to returns and other questions, store workers can offer assistance and direction as per your needs.


  1. What is Dick’s Sporting Goods?

    Dick’s Sporting Goods is an American chain of sporting goods stores that sell work clothes, sportswear, camping gear, picnic supplies, and a wide range of other products.

  2. What is Dick’s Sporting Goods return policy?

    Dick’s Sporting Goods provides a 90-day return policy on most items bought in-store or online. However, certain products may have shorter return periods or are non-returnable.

  3. How do I contact Dick’s customer service?

    You can contact Dick’s customer service on their phone number or through the online chat option available on their website.

The bottom line

Overall, Dick’s Sporting Goods aims to give its customers flexibility and convenience, so you may purchase your favorite sports and outdoor products with confidence. Moreover, Dick’s Sporting Goods return policy is both simple and consumer-focused to guarantee customer satisfaction so you wouldn’t get any trouble while returning products. We hope you found this article informative and now you know everything about Dick’s sporting goods return policy.

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