How To Remove Copyright Claim On Youtube: Step by Step Guide To Remove The Copyright Claim From Your YouTube

by Alexander Griffin

On YouTube, Dealing with copyright claims can be puzzling due to several YouTube users who create shorts or videos often search for how to remove copyright claim on YouTube. These claims, which appear when copyrighted content appears in videos, may impose restrictions or include advertisements. No worries as this article includes all the details on how to remove copyright claim on youtube channel so that you may not have any such problems in the future.

For video producers looking to share their work with the world, navigating copyright claims on YouTube may be a confusing task. These lawsuits, filed by copyright owners once their content is found in videos, may result in content removal, access restrictions, or even advertisements.

In this article, we have shared how to remove copyright claim on YouTube along with how to remove copyright claim on youtube android in detail.

What is a copyright claim?

When a copyright holder or the automatic Content ID system determines that a video or audio content on the platform corresponds to copyrighted content, a copyright claim is made on YouTube. This claim could be made about a particular video, and it might prompt responses like adverts being shown on the video, money being sent to the copyright holder instead of the creator, or the video being restricted or removed.

How to remove copyright claim on youtube shorts?

Some effective steps on how to remove copyright claim on YouTube shorts our mention below:

  • Study the claim

Examine the claim to determine what information is being challenged.

  • Dispute the claim

You can dispute the claim with any supporting proof if you think you have the right to utilize the content.

  • Await for the outcome

Your complaint and the copyright holder’s answer will be examined by YouTube but the procedure might require some time.

  • Appeal if necessary

You might be able to appeal the verdict if your disagreement is denied and follow the YouTube instructions to heart.

  • Edit or delete the material

You might need to edit or remove the infringing content from your Shorts if the dispute is not settled.

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Steps to remove copyright claim on youtube via mobile

By following some easy steps on how to remove copyright claims on YouTube in mobile, you may maintain a hassle-free YouTube experience enabling you to share your works without needless restrictions or legal worries.

  • Go to the YouTube Studio app.
  • Then navigate to “Videos” and pick the video that supports the copyright claim.
  • After that, click “Details” and scroll down to “Copyright claims.”
  • To edit a disputed claim, click on it and then choose “Edit.”
  • Now, Decide between “I own the rights” and “I have a good reason.”
  • To submit supporting documentation or arguments, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Now, you need to wait for YouTube to assess the claim as they will either accept it or reject it.
  • If your submission was denied, you can either amend or remove the content.

How to remove a copyright claim on a youtube video?

If you are wondering how to remove copyright claim on YouTube video then there are the steps through which you can smoothly deal with the copyright claim:

  • Firstly you need to visit the Check Section of the upload procedure.
  • Thereafter, you are required to tap on Select Action which you will find under the action headers of the page
  • On the screen you will find an option to choose between two questions i.e., “Remove claimed content?” and  “Do you have right to this content?”
  • Below the first question, you will find choices to fix the copyright claim.
  • Choose the option as per your concerned problem.
  • However, if you have the right to that content then you can tap on “Do you have the right to this content?”
Remove Copyright Claim On Youtube

How to remove a copyright claim on youtube without removing the song?

Here are different ways how to remove copyright claim on YouTube without removing songs which you can consider:

  • Dispute the Claim

You can contest the claim if you think you have the right to utilize the protected content. Give specifics about your usage and justification for your belief that fair use, Creative Commons, or any appropriate exceptions apply.

  • Use the tools on YouTube

YouTube offers editing tools like the “Trim” option that let you eliminate the part of your video giving rise to the copyright allegation. By doing so, you can resolve the claim while keeping the majority of your content.

  • Acquire license

To secure the necessary licenses or rights for using their work, get in touch with the copyright owners. A lot of creative people or copyright owners would be willing to give their consent in exchange for credit or a little fee.

  • YouTube Music Library

You can utilize a variety of free songs and sound effects from YouTube in your videos. These tracks have already been approved for platform use.

  • Credit and Attribution

If you still don’t understand how to remove copyright claim on youtube for music then next time make sure you’ve properly credited the original content creator in your video description or end credits.


  1. <strong>What is a copyright claim on YouTube?</strong>

    Ans. An alert from YouTube’s Content ID system on the video you have posted is a copyright claim. It happens when a segment of a channel owner’s video resembles another copyrighted piece of art.

  2. <strong>What happens when I receive a copyright claim?</strong>

    Ans. When a copyright claim is made on YouTube, the content’s owner is asserting their legal rights. YouTube may impose limits or advertisements to your video but if you disagree, you can dispute the assertion. Based on your justification and supporting data, YouTube evaluates the allegation and chooses whether to maintain it or remove it.

  3. <strong>How can I dispute a copyright claim on YouTube?</strong>

    Ans. Here are the steps on how to remove copyright claim on youtube studio. To begin, go to YouTube Studio, choose the video with the claim, click “Details,” locate the claim under “Copyright claims,” and then select “Edit.” Select “I have a valid reason” or “I own the rights,” supply supporting documentation, and then wait for YouTube to review and decide.

  4. <strong>What is "fair use" on YouTube?</strong>

    Ans. On YouTube, “fair use” permits the sparing use of copyrighted content without prior authorization for things like news reporting, commentary, and criticism. It is a principle of law that strikes a balance between the rights of copyright holders and the public’s interest in free speech and artistic expression.

  5. <strong>How do I know if my use of copyrighted material qualifies as fair use?</strong>

    Ans. Take into account elements including purpose, type, amount, and effect when deciding whether your use of copyrighted content qualifies as fair use. It can be considered fair use if your usage enhances, changes, or serves a different purpose than the original.

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The Bottom Line

How to remove a copyright claim on YouTube is a popular concern among new YouTubers which feels like solving a tricky puzzle to them. It may be difficult to know what to do, such as describing fair usage or submitting a counter-notification. Moreover, it feels like finding your way through a jungle of laws and regulations which are imposed by YouTube. However, You may unravel this intricate web of complexity by being patient and aware of YouTube’s policies.

We hope that you found this article helpful and that it clears all your queries including how to remove copyright claim on YouTube in addition to how to remove copyright claim on youtube using mobile.

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