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by Alexander Griffin
Dark Souls

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It should go without saying that Dark Souls would be mentioned when discussing some of the best and most influential video games ever made. After all, it was FromSoftware’s bold title that awoke the AAA industry from its complacency about the inclusion of a certain level of challenge in its games. The introduction of Dark Souls substantially changed the way this dynamic operated. With their game, FromSoftware ensured that gamers were no longer treated like toddlers. Players were forced to make wise build decisions and use weapons that complemented their movesets in order to ensure that their damage was sufficient to defeat even the most difficult bosses.

In the video game Dark Souls, a player’s build is given priority over anything else. Before putting their hard-earned stats into their character, players must have a clear notion of the build they intend to pursue. A player can choose from a variety of builds, including a quality build, which maximizes both Strength and Dexterity to help them inflict the maximum damage possible with the right kinds of weapons. The following list includes the game’s finest weapons.

1. Composite bow

Ranged weaponry may not make for the most engaging fighting in the game, but they certainly make some confrontations that could otherwise be challenging for players seem easy. The Composite Bow is usually the first bow that players choose to use consistently, provided they swiftly get it after navigating the dangers in the New Londo Ruins. The bow allows users to take down adversaries from a distance and scales with both Strength and Dexterity. The Composite Bow does a superb job of letting players pick and choose their battles given how dangerous some opponents are at melee range.

2. Dragonslayer Greatbow

For a build relying on ranged weapons, most encounters will get monotonous after a while because the damage dealt by most bows will start to become very underwhelming. Fortunately, the Dragonslayer Greatbow is coming to rekindle the excitement of battle. Players that upgrade this bow will be able to unleash maximum destruction on their adversaries. With just a few hits, if not one, its ranged assaults can take out the majority of foes!

3. Murakumo

One of the most underappreciated weapons in the entire game is the murakumo. It’s a shame that more people don’t make use of this enormous curved sword because it has a great aesthetic and some really cool motions. Unfortunately, slaying Shiva of the East, an extremely significant NPC, is the only way to guarantee to get this weapon. Players require a rather high Strength stat of 28 to efficiently use a weapon that scales mostly with Dexterity.

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4. Great Scythe

One of the best weapons in the game and a favorite of many gamers is the Great Scythe. The weapon scales incredibly nicely with Dexterity and hits like a truck. In fact, most people don’t even think of this weapon as a Quality weapon because of how well it scales with Dexterity. However, spending a few points in Strength will help players make the most of the damage that is dealt by this incredible weapon.

5. Lifehunt Scythe

Most individuals would argue vehemently over whether the Great Scythe is superior than the Lifehunt Scythe in terms of effectiveness. The Lifehunt Scythe is in a league of its own thanks to the amazing Bleed buildup, even though the former may have a longer reach. Just watch out for equipment that weakens self-Bleed accumulation as well. Using this weapon in the absence of any Bleed resistance is essentially begging to be repeatedly killed for no apparent reason.

6. Washing Pole

Even if the Washing Pole might not be the first weapon that springs to mind when selecting a high-quality weapon, this katana is still a fantastic choice. Players who are used to the Uchigatana can choose its counterpart if they’re seeking a Quality build because the two weapons are extremely comparable. The Washing Pole receives D-tier scaling in Strength and C-tier scaling in Dexterity at the maximum upgrade of +15. This isn’t particularly spectacular, but the reach and quickness of this weapon allow it to be lethal with even small enhancements. 225 physical attacks is also a number that shouldn’t be discounted.

7. Caestus

The Caestus, which effectively serves as a dark fantasy knuckleduster of sorts, is undoubtedly one of the list’s more unusual weapons. The Caestus is one of the more enjoyable weapons to use in Dark Souls thanks to good scaling in both Strength and Dexterity and a quick moveset. People who chose to take this particular course of action in Dark Souls will be more than astonished by how different the game feels. Dual-wielding two Caestus weapons has grown rather popular in the game. This fist weapon’s 165 physical attack receives a little increase to its offensive rating thanks to C-tier scaling in both melee metrics. This provides its wielder lightning-fast light and heavy attacks, as well as a wickedly quick parry speed.

8. Bastard Sword

The Bastard Sword may, strangely, be often overlooked when it comes to selecting a suitable sword in Dark Souls, but there is no doubting its value for players who are aiming for a Quality build. Despite the fact that its highest-damaging attack is incredibly slow, the Bastard Sword is still one of the quicker greatswords in Dark Souls and a great choice for someone to conclude their playthrough with.

9. Warpick

The Warpick is without a doubt one of the most undervalued and underappreciated weapons in the entire game, and it’s simple to understand why once one uses it. It must be acknowledged that the Warpick is an easy recommendation for any player pursuing a Quality build, as it has the second-highest reach of any hammer weapon and decent scaling with both Strength and Dexterity.

It is slightly more tailored towards beefier players due to its C-tier scaling in Strength and D-tier scaling in Dexterity, but its maximum physical attack of 227 still enables Quality builds to obliterate an opponent’s health bar.

10. Flamberge

If players don’t want to experiment too much with their moveset, one of the safer weapons they can employ is the Flamberge. Once players become more accustomed to the moveset, it may unquestionably make their journey through Dark Souls much simpler. It is a reliable weapon in both PvE and PvP circumstances. The Flamberge scales better with Dexterity than other greatswords do, reaching B-tier in this stat at the highest Regular upgrade level. It does receive D-tier scaling when combined with Strength, making it suitable for Quality builds. It can produce significant bleeding to opponents, as suggested by its item description and undulating blade, providing a further means of maiming and slaughtering foes.

On September 22, 2011, the video game Dark Souls was published for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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