Do all paternity tests cost the same?

by Alexander Griffin
Do all paternity tests cost the same

There are many factors to consider when you’re comparing the costs of testing for labs associated with testing companies. Unlike your average product or service, the way that you should determine the most cost-effective option for your money is by verifying the legitimacy of the company and the accuracy of the results. Paying a bit more for accurate results is far more valuable than a cheaper test with inaccurate results.

If you see options for testing kits that are relatively low, don’t be fooled. These companies often include surprise shipping costs. Additionally, you may not even get your test results at the end of it all. Avoid these serious testing scams by choosing paternity testing companies that have the backing and reputation for providing accurate results that you can count on.

Deciding on the right approach for paternity test costs requires consideration in the factors of accuracy, what you can afford, and whether you will need to follow up your paternity results with a court-ordered test. If you do need to prove paternity in court, you will take a legal paternity test, leaving at-home and in-lab options solely for your own knowledge.

Learn more about paternity tests to consider your options.

Why Do Paternity Test Costs Vary?

Depending on the kind of test you go with, the paternity test cost will vary. As long as you choose a qualified company, lab technicians will provide you with accurate results. Even with at-home testing, you send your samples to the same lab that would perform the test in person.

The additional costs in effect for in-lab testing are due to the professional sample handling conducted by lab technicians. If you need court-approved testing, choose legal paternity options so that you can avoid having to take multiple paternity tests just to hold up in court.

The Average Prices

The average paternity test cost varies based on the style of the paternity testing you’re going with. For at-home paternity tests, you’ll pay around $99-$185. For in-lab testing, you’ll pay, on average, $130-$300. Legal testing can range between $300-$500.

Typically, the paternity testing kits will include materials for the two participants involved. There will likely be additional fees for added participants. You can pay anywhere between $69-$125 in additional fees for added participants.

The higher end in fees reflect the costs for added participants for in-lab and legal testing. If you are getting a paternity test at a hospital, the paternity test cost can vary drastically, especially if insurance coverage is available. At hospitals, expect to pay between $400 to $2,000.

Consider Your Options Before The Cost

Keep in mind that as long as the company you are working with is fully-accredited to conduct DNA testing, what you pay for the at-home vs. the in-lab test is irrelevant, as both will still provide you with 99% accuracy. The option you choose has more to do with your own need for added assurance. Consider your options for accuracy and then factor in the paternity test cost. 

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