Venturing Into Hot-Desking? Learn About the Essential Features of Hot Desk Software

by Alexander Griffin
hot desk software

This new era of business management has many companies scrambling to keep up with changing business needs including space utilization. Since more and more businesses are incorporating work from home and partial remote working agreements, their space needs have changed dramatically. No longer does each individual employee need their own assigned desk. This means that businesses are leveraging hoteling and hot-desking instead.

Managing this flow of employees in and out of the building can become a new challenge. If people aren’t there every day, where do they sit and work when they are in the office?

Because of this problem, hot desk software has arisen as a solution that can help employers manage all these moving parts without much input.  

What is Hot-Desking?

Hot-desking is known by many different names. You might be familiar with the term hoteling or virtual office. It means that people don’t have assigned seats in their office and instead come and work at stations that others may occupy on different days. For employers who are allowing more and more staff to work from home at least part of the time, hot-desking enables them to reduce the amount of space needed for employees while they are in the office.

Hot desk software creates a management system that more easily tracks who is using what space and when so that there are fewer territorial issues that can arise with working at a desk that’s not your own. When hot-desking is done right, people will work at a new location almost every time they come into the office. 

How Your Company Benefits from Hot Desk Software

Managing the people and places could become a huge task. Could you imagine one person booking and scheduling meeting rooms, desks, and other workspaces throughout the day? What if there are changes that need to be made? Companies that use hot desk software are able to automate the entire process from end to end. As each person books a desk or a room, they are no longer an option for others. Your company won’t have to oversee these complex and fast-moving changes. This can free up staff to work on other tasks that can help you become more productive.

Essential Features of Hot Desk Software

There are many different needs when it comes to staff work environments. Whether your employees need a specific type of workstation, or they need to be collocated near a certain team that day, all of these needs can be managed through the software. Here are some of the essential features you should look for when you need to offer improved flexible work environments.

  • Book your desk in advance
  • Find meeting rooms on the spot
  • Verify events in large spaces
  • Connectivity with other apps like Microsoft Outlook

Hot-Desking is the Way of the Future

It’s evident that hot-desking is becoming the new normal, especially for employers who offer options where their staff can work from home or at the office. Finding the right hot-desking software simplifies the process, improves productivity, and makes it easier for employees to adopt the new reality of working from a different desk each time they come to the office.

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