Wrapped In Love: All About Towels

by Alexander Griffin
Wrapped In Love: All About Towels

Is it possible to do away with bath towels? It is impossible. Though one gives it credit or not, towels are indispensable. So why should they just be more than a necessity? There are a lot of simple things in life that make a day more joyful. A hot cup of coffee and morning showers being the favorites. Investing in items that make these activities more enjoyable adds more joy.

Imagine using a super soft towel after a steaming bath. The activity of cleansing the body of all toxins is therapeutic, no less. Splurge a little and invest in quality bath items to offer the best for the skin and the mind.

Read on to find out the types and benefits of towels.


  1. Cotton: It is one of the most common materials used in towels. They also cost less.
  2. Egyptian cotton: It is a more luxurious variant of the previous type. It has longer fibers offering more durability and superior softness. People prefer it for the opulent experience it offers. They can make a guest bath feel rich. These are slightly more expensive but are worth the price.
  3. Turkish cotton: It is similar to its Egyptian counterpart. These are comparatively more absorbent. The fabric allows for a tighter weave, and it also looks beautiful.

Must-have Towels:

Big bath towels and bathrobes:

These are the hallmarks of a rich life where one can step out in a bathrobe at home and not just during stays at five-star hotels.

One can use the large bath sheets to wrap themselves or style it like a sarong. They are absorbent and plush. The soft feel makes people want to love it dearly. Experiment with colors so it will look good on those Instagram pictures.

Everyday Towels

 It may not seem likely to use a bathrobe every day. When people are in a hurry, they need something practical and easy to use. Have a few everyday-use towels. They need not be big but should be super absorbent.

Face towels

The face has the most sensitive skin of all the body. It undoubtedly needs extra care and specialized tools. It is vital to carry a clean, germ-free face towel at all times. It is good to have multiple ones handy and put one in each bag or location.

Experts recommend that people use different towels for the face. As bacteria, dust, and germs infrequently used fabrics can cause pimples and other infections. Face towels are small and easy to carry around. Ensure that the towel is super soft so that it does not hurt the skin.

Pro Tip 1: Do not go crazy while rubbing water off the face. One should only lightly dab the face with the towel. This habit will prevent stress to the skin and keep it moisturized. 

Gym towels:

Where there is sweat, there should be towels. A gym towel is usually smaller compared to bath towels. A good gym towel will have high absorbency to wick sweat and keep one ready for more. Keep one in the gym bag or locker at all times. Make sure to clean them after each use.

Hand towels:

People wash their hands multiple times each day, and wet hands are an inconvenience. To avoid embarrassing incidents, carry a hand towel. Hands are often the most exposed to germs, so they must be kept clean by frequent washing and towel-drying.

Pro-tip 2: Here is an unsaid tip. Look for towels that have double-turned edges. They are more durable. Decide on how many are needed, and it is better to opt for towel sets.

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