5 Types of Photo Frames to Preserve Your Timeless Memories

by Alexander Griffin
5 Types of Photo Frames to Preserve Your Timeless Memories

Memories are such an integral part of any person’s life, more so if they are pleasant ones. No wonder that the act of preserving memories in the form of photos has been around for eons and is even relevant today. It would be perfectly safe to say that it is thriving thanks to modern technological advancement. So you can choose to buy photo albums online, opt for digital frames or grace your home with frames that even capture memorabilia! No matter what way you choose, all roads lead to putting a smile on your face and reliving cherished memories in a glimpse.

Listed below are some types of photo frames that you can choose from to add personal value and warmth to your spaces:

Poster Frames:

Poster frames are enormous and mostly rectangular. As the name suggests, these frames are used to display poster-size images or works of art. The frames are usually effortless and elegant and adhere to a vintage or classic taste of style. The idea is also to draw attention to what’s in the frame rather than what’s on. Poster frames look appealing in spacious rooms and on large walls. If you have an ancestral family photo or a special wedding photo, poster frames might be the thing for you.

Collage Frames:

Collage frames allow an amalgamation of different photos to grace one single frame. They come in myriad shapes, sizes and materials. From tree-shaped collage frames to heart-shaped ones, you can throw in images from one single memory or have a bouquet of photos from your best lot. Collage frames look good on any wall, be it living, bedroom or passage walls and are more personal.

Floating Frames:

Floating frames gives the image the impression that it is floating. It is because of the design mechanism. These frames are made of acrylic or glass, both in the external and internal background and hence gives a 3D image projection. They are usually meant for preserving paintings or artworks and render the space a subliminal and serene look. Floating frames are considered a part of the minimalist decor, but you can bring in your creativity and use them as you wish.

Shadow Box Frames:

Shadowbox frames are ideal for preserving memorabilia and tangible mementos. Typically any object that you hold dear to you. The boxed design itself is created to specifically cater to precious items and protect them from dust, moist and wearing out. However, they are also used to display photos and postcards. Available in various shapes, sizes and materials, shadow box frames are sure to light up your home and memories!

Digital Frames:

Memories are, after all, memories, and you choose to preserve them the way you want. You can decide to buy photo albums online or even opt for digital frames that are nothing but digital versions of photo albums. Digital frames have become insanely popular today and work on an external memory card to store your photos. You can also download your pictures directly into these digital tablets. They can be placed on bedside tables or study tables and feature various settings and modes to display your images!

Now that you do have an idea of the different kinds of frames available in the market beyond the usuals go out there, choose your frames, and let the pictures come alive!

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