Worst Captain in IPL

by Alexander Griffin
Worst Captain in IPL

A captain is always expected to perform the most important position in a team, and he is held accountable for any mistakes made by the team, regardless of the sport. With a strong attitude, the captain is the one who makes crucial choices and can launch a comeback from the worst of conditions.

The captain is the team’s leader and is in charge of making strategies both on and off the field. He or she is the one who energizes the other players on the squad after a painful defeat, tones down the worst player and turns him into the greatest. The captain’s position is crucial in establishing the team’s strategy and inspiring the players to give their all.

Here are some of the most important duties of a cricket captain:

Toss: Before each match, the captain will toss a coin with the opposing captain to choose who will bat or bowl first.

Strategy: The captain will develop a game strategy for the team, which will include field placements, bowling changes, and batting order. To design strategies, the captain may confer with the team’s coach and senior players.

On-field leadership: The captain must establish a good example for their team by leading by example, demonstrating excellent sportsmanship and creating a positive example.

Communication: The captain must communicate well with their team members on the field, advising them on what to do and making necessary modifications.

Making choices: The captain must make rapid and educated judgments, like as when to declare an innings, take a review, or declare a powerplay.

Off-field responsibilities: The captain may also be in charge of media relations, team meetings, and other off-field responsibilities.

Several captains have changed the course of a game or perhaps a whole tournament due to their leadership characteristics and several other decisions. Despite their tough mindset and great decision-making abilities, some players have failed to make a significant impression as captain. All of the obligations delegated to them by the team management were thrown into chaos as they failed to carry out their plans.

The following are four players in IPL history who failed to deliver as captains for their teams and hence have the poorest record as captains of their franchise:

  • Hardik Pandya

With a kind of exuberant performances, the cricketer who has always been renowned for his arrogance has somehow become the apple of IPL 2022’s eye. As the Titans sit atop the points table, Pandya works quietly behind the scenes to bring out the best in his team. In a recent interview, he stated that everyone at Gujarat Titans is the same. There is no hierarchy on the side, and everyone contributes with every single thought that comes to mind.

  • Kumar Sangakkara

One of Sri Lanka’s most motivating captains is Kumar Sangakkara. He is an accomplished strategist who led his team to the 2011 World Cup finals. The wicket-keeper batsman has led the group for around two years starting in 2009. In every mediums, he has a proven track record. Sangakkara won 12 of 21 Twenty20 Internationals, 27 of 45 One-Day Internationals, and 5 of 15 Tests. He has been one of the worst IPL captains the league has ever seen. The Sri Lankan’s career was launched with Kings XI Punjab. Later, he became the captain of both the Deccan Chargers and the Sunrisers Hyderabad, a new franchise in Hyderabad. His past performance is anything but promising.

  • Mahela Jayawardene

Another international captain with a track record is Mahela Jayawardene. He has received several awards for doing this task to the greatest standard. He received the ICC Captain of the Year Award in 2006 and the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award in 2013. In 38 Tests as the Islanders’ captain, he won 18, lost 8, and tied four. Jayawardene has also participated in several limited-overs cricket matches. As captain, he prevailed in 68 of 126 One-Day Internationals (ODIs). Additionally, he was the first Sri Lankan T20I captain. But his time as captain in the IPL wasn’t productive. The legendary hitter managed three clubs in a total of 30 games, winning just 10 of them.

  • George Bailey

George Bailey is another foreign captain who has failed miserably in the IPL. As Australia’s representative, he competed in 125 international competitions.  Bailey is just the second Australian to have led an international match without ever competing at the highest level. He won 16 and 14 games in both formats, respectively. Because of his good track record, Kings XI Punjab appointed him captain in 2014. However, because Bailey was unable to repay the confidence, the squad suffered some of the most devastating defeats. Despite managing the squad for 36 games, the Australian only won 16 of them.

Overall, the captain’s job is crucial to a cricket team’s success, and their leadership and decision-making abilities may have a considerable influence on the team’s performance. But these are some captains who failed miserably on the pitch and led their team down.

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