What Your Employees Expect From You and Your Company

by Alexander Griffin
What Your Employees Expect From You and Your Company

Employees play an essential role in any company. Most of the exemplary achievements your company gets are because of the hard work of your employees. They are the people who work hand in hand with your customers to bring about the company’s success. In most cases, you find your employees are the ones in touch with your customers.

It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that all your employees are happy. That is because your relationship with them will determine the success of your company. They also deserve respect. Before you hire an employee into your company, the following are some of the things they expect to get from you and your company.

1.  Employees Expect the Right Tools

Your company should be in a position to provide the right tools for its employees. The results you will get from your employees depend on whether they have everything they need or not. They will always give you the best effect when you provide them with everything they need. However much effort the employees may put into the company, if you don’t offer what they need, your company will not progress.

The expectations of the employees also change as the technology continues to advance. They are also updated on the required tools to make your company successful. Once you have decided to operate your company digitally, you should also provide the corresponding devices. You cannot move your company to the digital platform and leave the employees suffering from analog tools. For the success of the company, you have to provide the employees with what they want.

2.  Employees Expect Feedback

Your employees always expect to get feedback from you concerning their effort and progress. Imagine working for a company for even a year without even recommending your effort? Isn’t it demoralizing? As an employer, you should always create some time for your employees, however busy you are. Put that as part of your schedule even once every month.

Go through what your employees have done the whole month. Correct them where they have not done to your standard. Where they have done excellently, you can also appreciate them by giving them employee achievement awards. That way, they will feel their effort is being valued, which will activate their morale even to work harder. They will, therefore, make the company achieve a lot.

3.  Employees Expect Flexibility

As much as regular working hours are expected from every employee, you should not always put them on a very tight schedule. Most of the employees even go ahead to choose a job based on flexibility. Once you have realized that your employees usually do it every time and as required, there will be no effect if you give them flexibility. You don’t need to wait for them to ask for it. You can provide them with the flexibility as a surprise. They will highly appreciate that more than anything else.

4.  Employees Expect You to Care

Employees also have their personal life outside work. They also have their families, health, and feelings. The energy they have outside work can affect their work in your company. That is why as an employer, you need to care about your employee’s well-being. You need to make a friendly relationship with them. This will help you in identifying if one of them has a problem or not.

When you are always in a rush with your employees, they will be afraid to share their problems with you. That may make them suffer in silence which may lead to things like suicide. If an employee fails to turn out for work, don’t be harsh or harass them; try to politely find out where the problem is.

5.  Employees Expect Autonomy

As much as close supervision is necessary for the employees, too much of it is not recommended. Once you have hired an employee, it means you trust them and their skills. All you need to do is to assign them duties and maybe the deadline. Too much supervision may make them doubt their capabilities which will lower their morale for work.


Employees should be treated and given attention just like any other person in the company. They also have their rights which should not be violated. Once you have catered for the points mentioned above, your company will always run smoothly.

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