What to Look for in Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

by Alexander Griffin
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Motorcycle accidents are quite common and one of the main reasons behind these accidents is negligence. People ignore the rules to look for a quicker way to their destination. However, by doing this, they are putting their safety as well as other people’s safety in jeopardy.

However much you may be careful on the road, someone else can make you have an accident. Reckless motorists do not always consider the careful motorcycle drivers by their side. That makes motorcycle accidents common on our roads. In case the accident occurs, how do you handle the issue? The method you choose to take your accident case lies with you. Some decide to hand it themselves to save cost, while others prefer to hire an attorney. Before you hire an attorney for your motorcycle accident, below are some of the factors you should look into.

●    The Lawyer’s Case History and Success

When looking for an NYC motorcycle accident lawyer, it is suitable to their experience in the field of law. Look at how they have been handling cases in the past. Whether they have been successful or not. All their information will help you know whether they can take your case or not.

You don’t need to know the lawyer on a shallow basis. Dig deep into the various cases they have handled in the past to see if they have dealt with similar cases before. Choosing a lawyer who has never dealt with a case similar to yours can mislead you. For example, it is misleading to select a car accident lawyer to deal with a motorcycle accident. Accident cases are not similar, and each patient requires a lawyer who has experience in the given field.

●    The Lawyer’s Willingness to go to Trials

After a motorcycle accident has occurred, the injured person will file a case seeking compensation for the loss. This will call for an agreement between the claimer and the insurance company. It is not a guarantee that they will all come to one agreement. They may also disagree with one another. In that case, the case will be moved to court.

Lawyers usually avoid going to court and settle the case at an early stage. Going to court is not always easy because it requires money and is also time-consuming. Even if you are sure the patient will not go to court, you need to ensure you choose a lawyer who is ready to go to court and defend you. Choosing a lawyer who is not willing to go to court may make you lose the case.

●    Seek an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Before you choose a motorcycle accident lawyer, you need to find out whether he has enough experience in the law field or not. Choosing a lawyer who is new to the area may make you lose the case. A new lawyer may not have handled such a case in the first place. That means your case might be the first one they handle. In that case, you have to expect a lot of errors and mistakes because someone cannot just come to a start and be perfect. They will always need some time to move towards perfection slowly.

●    Cost

Hiring a lawyer won’t be cheap. Hiring a lawyer is usually very expensive. Different lawyers have different costs of hiring them. But before you even go ahead to hire one, you must first consider your budget. Lawyers may charge the fee of hiring them depending on the case they are handling. Remember, you are looking for compensation, so hiring a lawyer who will even charge you more than the compensation will not be logical.

●    How Aggressive is the lawyer?

Defending a case in court is not easy. It needs boldness and being aggressive for you to win the case. They should also know how to use tonal variation depending on the situation correctly. Insurance companies are always aggressive, and therefore to win, and the lawyer should also be aggressive.


Choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer is a challenging task. It would help if you looked deeply into the above-mentioned factors to ensure you select the right lawyer.

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