What You Must Not Do After a Mount Washington Car Accident

by Pixeels Editorial Staff
What You Must Not Do After a Mount Washington Car Accident

Car accidents usually lead to chaos. They can mess up your daily routine and leave facing significant bills. And as you try to manage your situation, you want to avoid making mistakes that ruin your accident claim. If you have sustained injuries in a car accident, you need to know the possible mistakes you can make if you don’t hire a Mount Washington Car Accident Lawyer to guide you as you navigate the claim process. After a car accident, there are things you must avoid doing, to ensure you don’t jeopardize your claim. As you start to recover from the effects of a car accident, you must not do any of the following:

Neglecting Your Medical Needs

If you don’t attend to your medical needs, the insurer may think that your injuries aren’t as serious as you claimed. After an accident, you need to see a doctor right away, so your injuries are documented. More importantly, this ensures your safety. Insurance adjusters won’t be able to discredit your injuries or reduce your compensation. Waiting too long to see a doctor will only weaken your claim. 

Talking to Much

When you talk to an insurance adjuster, provide them only with basic information about yourself and the other driver involved. You must not admit fault directly or indirectly. Also, do not give an opinion about how the crash took place or apologize for it. The adjuster may take your word as an admission of fault. 

Trusting the Adjuster

Regardless of what the adjuster will tell, do not take their words to heart, especially in terms of your settlement’s value. The adjuster will do everything to settle your claim quickly for as little amount of money as possible to maximize the company’s profits. 

Signing Documents

 The adjuster may ask you to sign a form, waiver, or document that demonstrates your intent to give up your right to more compensation. Ensure you let your attorney review any papers before you sign them. 

Accepting a Small Amount of Settlement

The settlement’s terms will make it impossible for you to make an additional recovery for injuries that may persist into the future. Thus, you need to have a full understanding of how your injuries will impact you in the future and your recovery’s true value before you settle your claim with the insurer. Your attorney will evaluate the settlement offer you get from the insurance provider, ensuring it covers all your losses. If the amount is not what you deserve, the lawyer will make counteroffers.

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