Top Five Netflix Shows Which Changed The Definition Of Its Genre

by Alexander Griffin

It happens once in many years that something which is created with a lot of dedication and passion goes on to change the definition of the very thing that it was supposed to be and eventually makes a place of its own among the crowd. Netflix has facilitated a lot of shows which are considered to have changed the definition of the genres to which they belong. The following list of top five Netflix shows which defied the definition of their genre will help you understand what makes them so great. Let’s take a good look at them.


Voltron is a show which changed what we have learned from all those animated shows over the years. It presents to its viewers a story so brilliant that they are left in a state of amazement when the show ends. It has been around for eight seasons and sadly, the eighth season of the show is touted to be the last season of the show. The Next Hint has confirmed that Voltron Season 9 is not going to be made as Netflix has cancelled this series. But you must not let that change what this show stands for and you must watch this show whenever you want to watch something that is as good as it is grand.


The Last Kingdom is one of the most thrilling socio-political dramas which addresses the power struggle of the British Kingdom in the late years of the 7th century. If you want to know what makes this show so great, you gotta watch it for yourself and see how desperate people can get for power.


It is a sitcom which is considered to be one of the longest running sitcoms ever. The show is full of hilarious and emotional moments which makes it convenient for the viewers to relate to the problems that a character is going through. It is a good show which must be watched by you.


The Witcher’s gigantic success across the world was a mark of how well this show was made. The show took the fantasy-drama genre to a whole new level and brought us the best Witcher adaptation ever! You must watch this show for its impeccable execution and complex storyline.


It would not be wrong to say that Stranger Things was The Witcher of its time when it was released. The whole world went crazy when they saw how wonderfully a sci-fi-thriller show could be made. You must watch it for the great storyline and the flawless portrayal of characters by all the actors of the show.

The shows mentioned above are truly remarkable because of the stories that they have presented to all of us in such a beautiful manner. You must watch them at least once if you truly want to enjoy the pleasure that having a Netflix subscription can bring to you. Apart from that, if you loved the information written above and want to get more such amazing information, then keep visiting our website because we come up with such content quite regularly.

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