The Ultimate Guide to Weekend Relaxation

by Alexander Griffin
The Ultimate Guide to Weekend Relaxation

As ironic as it is, the journey to relaxation can be quite aggravating.

It is nearly like searching for the Holy Grail to find the perfect recipe for a relaxing weekend. After all of the hard work planning and finding a moment to relax, it’s all over with. You can easily find yourself getting the exact opposite of what you are searching for. Are you looking to find a group of friends to share in the festivities? Maybe you just need to find the right drink to set your weekend fun off. Perhaps you are looking for something a bit more comfortable. Sometimes the easiest things you can find could be the answer.

Comfort is different for everyone. It is hard to find something to satisfy everybody when it comes to relaxing. Some people do enjoy laying on a bed of nails and some don’t. Although, there are some things that everybody enjoys. For example, at the end of a long day, everybody likes to unwind and lay down for a nap or stretch out on the couch. However, the right place and comfortable spot is crucial to find. Since 1998, the Florida-born company CordaRoy’s has been focused on growing as a company and providing what everyone needs to find relaxation.

No, not that type of corduroy you’re thinking of. CouraRoy’s is a company that has been growing for years. However, they didn’t get their big break until a few years ago. Cordaroy’s provides an extensive variety of products to help us all find relaxation. Between their selections of multiple comfort products, Cordaroy’s offers something for nearly everyone. Cordaroy’s main focus is on their most well-known product: one-of-a-kind convertible bean bag chairs. The world first got to see Cordaroy’s unique product when company owner Byron Young debuted the bean bag design on the investment television show, Shark Tank.  Ever since the company has continued to expand and created state-of-the-art products.

Cordaroy’s bean bag cars are perfect for at-home or relaxation on the go. They have created a unique yet creatively simple product. Inside of their “ordinary”  bean bag is something quite unordinary. Unzip your bean bag and you will find a bed inside! You can pick between different mattress sizes up to a King size bean bag chair. It is perfect for a sleepover with friends or for a peaceful time out in nature. You could also use it for your ordinary bed at home if you feel like it. The Cordaroy’s convertible bean bag chair is also available in multiple color selections. They also have a slightly altered version of their bean bag chairs called a NEST chair. The NEST convertibles have built-in support for your head and neck; a perfect fit for gamers who strain their necks during intense moments.

Although, if bean bag chairs aren’t quite your speed, Cordaroy’s is still determined to help you wind down and relax for your weekend. They have expanded from bean bags into the hammock market. If you want to lay out in a hammock in the sun with a cold drink in your hand, Cordaroy’s wants to be the first place that you think of. They continue to look to bring in new products to satisfy all your comfort needs. Among their options, they provide cooling pillows that will stay cool all night long. A perfect fit for those who are constantly flipping their pillows during the night to the cool side. Besides their bedding and lounge options, they provide other neat items.

Cordaroy’s designed an ordinary drink holder that could do much more. The Puk is a cup holder that can also hold your phone and other devices. They come with ten adjusters that can fit nearly any cup or device. You can trust in Puk to keep your drinks and devices secured while you drift away into relaxation.

When you always have a busy week schedule, the time to relax is crucial. While Cordaroy’s has multiple products to help you relax, a simple pairing will set your relaxation overboard. Over the last few years, projectors have become more popular than ever. You can turn anywhere with a place to plug it in into a theater on the go. It would be hard to find yourself not relaxed around a campfire with your favorite movie to watch almost anywhere you could think of.

Projectors have changed the way that people enjoy their favorite shows, movies, and even video games. They have provided a way for people to gather together and even make friends in the process. However, they are always great for staying at home on your Cordaroy’s bean bag and binge-watching your favorite shows. Projectors used to be something that you really only saw in school rooms or in business offices. They aren’t really the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about relaxation and having fun.

However, that is just basing them off of what they used to be used for. Nobody could have expected what would come of projectors in the near future. These days, projectors are much easier to get your hands on. We’ve come so far that it is possible for you to bring a projector into your home. While television sets have been growing bigger, projectors toss size out of the window. You are able to make your screen whatever you prefer. The combination of a Cordaroy’s bean bag chair and a projector could have you falling asleep before you are able to finish your movie.

Find out what makes you the happiest and let the time run away. You could spend your weekend reading a good book or laying out under the stars while listening to your favorite songs. The ultimate guide to relaxation is finding the things that make you feel most comfortable and enjoy them. Sometimes, relaxation is as simple as letting yourself have the fun you felt that you didn’t have time for. Enjoy your time with Courdaroy’s while you are doing so. A nice book would be even nicer with a bean bag chair to keep you comfortable and the Puk cup holder to keep your cup of hot tea nearby.

In a fast-paced society, it’s no secret that relaxation has become a virtue. It is tough to find and it is too precious to be wasted whenever you do. And nobody wants to have to plan out their relaxation. That is almost defeating the purpose. It would be nice for someone else to plan that part for you. That is why Cordaroy’s mission is to create lasting products that will provide you with comfort and relaxation for years to come. Cordaroy’s doesn’t even finish with just human comfort, they have also created a line of pet beds to make sure that your furry loved one is as comfortable as you are.

With the recipe that has been created today, try out a Cordaroy’s bean bag chair and a projector to find yourself completely relaxed. Just don’t spend all of your weekend stuck in your comfortable chair. There may be important chores still left to do. However, nobody would blame you if you do. We are talking about relaxation. After a long week at work, sometimes you want to just get home and fall face first onto the couch. A Cordaroy’s bean bag chair may be a bit more comfortable.

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