Learning Clever Tactics to Apply or Install Custom Car Decals

by Alexander Griffin
car decals

Car graphics and decals are designed and created to withstand the harsh weather elements and combat everyday wear and tear due to constant use and exposure. However, it in no way implies that they are indestructible. Experts firmly believe that proper maintenance and care for car decals and graphics are critical to safeguarding them against any peeling, chipping, and all kinds of damages. It is a good idea to take good care of all your vehicle graphics and car decals.

Several carwashes sell accessories and novelty items that are C-store related. They have a high demand for car decals as their customers love them. Car decals or stickers have the potential of dramatically transforming the appearance of cars. Car decals have evolved with time according to Chron.

Car decals can be customized to demonstrate support for your favourite sports team or advertise your brand, product, or business. Customized car decals help in adding a whole new dimension and a personal touch to your vehicles. The overall process of car decal installation or application can be completed in a few simple steps. Here are some fundamental car decal application rules.

Applying vehicle decals or stickers can assist your clients with changing the presence of their vehicles. Numerous areas can be applied to show support for their number one games group, address interest in a particular field and help to publicize a business. Vehicle decals or stickers can add an individual touch to your client’s vehicles.

Remember to Clean the Surface Thoroughly Before Sticking Car Decals

People should be educated and equipped with sound knowledge of car decal application. The area where you wish to install the decal must be identified and should be scrupulously cleaned. If you make the mistake of applying the decal on a dirty patch, the decal will absorb the grime and dirt and lose its superb adhesiveness. Ensure that the chosen area scrupulously clean before applying the sticker or decal.

You may consider using rubbing alcohol or soap and water for cleaning the area. Avoid using glass cleaning solutions because they may leave behind a residue that may prevent the car decal from getting stuck. 

Choose the exact location or area for installing the car decal. Among your options are the car windows, bumper, and other exterior and interior surfaces for making your car look stunning. Your car can stand out from the rest. If you are using custom car decals with your company logo, you can use them on the bumpers or windows, or doors of your organization’s fleet of cars. Car decals are great for boosting brand awareness, building company image, and broadening your reach. You may boost the aesthetic factor by using car decals on your tires. They look stunning if you install eye-catching car decals. Even brand new tires can be embellished with gorgeous personalized car decals. Once you have finalized the exact area where you wish to install the car decals, you can go ahead carefully.

Be careful while peeling the backing film. Peel it off gradually from the main decal.

Place the decal right at the area where it is supposed to be installed. Once you are doubly sure start by removing one-third of the decal’s backing film and then gradually apply the decal. As you place the exposed back of the sticker on the surface of the car keep removing more and more of the backing film till the entire decal has been installed with no visible air bubbles or creases.


To achieve perfection and an overall neat appearance, you may consider trimming the edges wherever required using a razor blade. If any bubbles appear make it a point to remove them. 

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