TAG Heuer Connected: Newest Features You Should Know!

by Alexander Griffin
TAG Heuer Connected

TAG Heuer Connected is a luxurious sports-tracking smartwatch that delivers a sophisticated user experience with distinctive case design, user-friendly software, and excellent sports tracking. Following its successful Wellness app and new golf-centric capabilities, it has brought on a new high-end swim tracker, as well as running-specific apps, adding to its line of apps produced in-house.

In recognition of its pledge to make a watch for those who like to keep active and who want accurate measurements of their performance, TAG Heuer gave what the customers and users want based on their feedback. Previously only used for running, cycling, walking, fitness, and golf, the multisport app is now available for swimming.

The TAG Heuer Connected’s exquisite yet sporty design and superior functions deliver an uninterrupted swimming experience, whether in or out of the water. A blast indeed as it focuses on tracking progress in the water while staying stylish. Keep reading as we talk about the newest updates of TAG Heuer Connected.

TAG Heuer Connected Features

Before we proceed to tackle the upgrades of this smartwatch, we’ll give you the details of this particular wristwatch’s looks and mechanism. The movement used for Ref.SBG8A10.BT6219  is Mod Connect 45mm, and it’s rechargeable with a 430 mAh battery. This 45mm watch has a polished steel case and ceramic bezel in black with flat sapphire crystal to protect the face.

There are three push buttons located at the side of the timepiece. The black steel rubber crown is at 3 o’clock, while the other two are at 2 and 4 o’clock with steel push buttons. Its strap as well is in black with the steel folding clasp featuring a quick-change system. You can also enjoy the nine customizable watch faces to match your sport, be it golf, swimming, cycling, or running.

The Newest Swimming Tracker Function

TAG Heuer has now upgraded its sports app, making it possible for pool swimmers to use their TAG Heuer Connected to measure and record their performance in the pool. Using the touch screen on the watch, the swimmer can check statistics for laps done, overall distance, and the number of intervals.

They can do more deep exploration on their smartphone, looking at facts like calories burned, stroke analysis, and pace, and getting a comprehensive recap of the entire session. It additionally uses the watch’s accelerometer and gyroscope to detect each lap start and finish and then uses a specific algorithm to determine the session’s total distance.

Gauge the swimmer’s performance

The always-on screen will show how long you’ve been swimming, the number of laps accomplished, your overall distance, and the duration of your interval breaks. The app provides the most extensive data for swimmers in their SWOLF score. To figure out this complicated statistic and vital performance indicator, one adds the seconds and number of strokes to swim 25 or 50 meters.

It offers the swimmer a lap efficiency gauge that one can use to set a strategic goal for improvement. A good swim means the total score is low. Additionally, TAG Heuer has created a proprietary algorithm to determine swim type per lap for a smooth and polished experience. The watch can recognize four strokes and styles in a thorough description: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly.

Stroke, pace, and intervals tracker

A specialized algorithm, the stroke metric, tracks each arm’s swim cycle by using the watch’s gyroscope and tallies the number of strokes per lap. On the other hand, the pace is seen on the app graph to show you the time measurement before you reach a 100-meter distance. Another feature is the intervals function allowing users to continue with the session, with an interval having been automatically constructed for the swimmer upon resuming.

Performance in and out of water

The touchscreen can’t operate in the water, but swimmers can program the mechanical pushers to start, halt, or pause and resume their workout. It can perform regardless of whether they are in or out of the pool. It can also withstand 50-meter water pressure. Thus, it is perfect for swimming and other water sports in the pool but not appropriate for water sports like diving or waterskiing.

Updated Running App for Indoors

TAG Heuer also upgraded its existing Running app, giving runners intriguing new capabilities for their indoor running sessions. It allows indoor runners to keep an eye on their heart rate zones at a glance. After the session, you can enter the treadmill’s total distance into the watch, which automatically calculates the session’s pace.

Heart rate display

Also new to this version is a personalized heart rate display, developed in-house to meet the needs of those who wish to monitor their heart rate while exercising. You can get information about your heart rate zone and max heart rate by glancing at your watch. From zone 1 (warm-up) to zone 5 (peak), the five-zone levels help runners of varying cardiovascular fitness adjust their training intensity.

The mobile device app offers a detailed analysis, which features a color-coded heart rate graph and how long each athlete spent in each training zone. In addition to helping runners track their progress, the heart rate tracker can be used for various sorts of cardio, including working out indoors and outdoors.


TAG Heuer undergoes technological advancements to produce quality timepieces that can compete with other luxury watch brands. It aims to give customers what they want: apply these trackers in a smartwatch to help them achieve their dream lifestyle. With the pandemic that tends to stay, one must keep an active body to stay fit and healthy.

TAG Heuer Connected is perfect for monitoring your performance and improvements in every single sport or activity you do. Besides, it has been known for its high durability and superior performance since time immemorial, so it’s an absolute good investment.

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