How Did Hublot Watches Enter the Digital World?

by Alexander Griffin
How Did Hublot Watches Enter the Digital World

Coronavirus shocked the world in the year 2020. As of this writing, the pandemic is still present in many countries today. Many countries are still fighting the pandemic. Many industries are still temporarily closed, and some must shut and declare bankruptcy. While online business has grown in popularity during this period, many large corporations embrace e-commerce systems or the so-called “Digital World”.

These changes are not excused by luxury and branded watches. Watch industries all over the world have revealed their struggles in surviving this pandemic. To date, the majority of them have shifted to e-commerce and are embracing the power of social media to survive in the industry and continue production. The watch industry, like other industries, continues to be increasingly innovative and tireless trying to find a solution to its commitment to its devoted collectors. Let’s take a look at how Hublot, a luxury watch was able to survive the pandemic.

All You Need to Know About Hublot

Hublot watches are a Swiss brand that embodies the ‘Art of Fusion’ in the world of watchmaking. Their high-end timepieces are considered the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking, and they are among the most sought-after watches for both men and women.  Carlo Crocco founded Hublot in 1980, marking the first time that gold and rubber were mixed in a timepiece. In 1980, Carlo Crocco created a timepiece that was multipurpose, sturdy, and elegant, giving birth to Hublot’s characteristic appearance.

Throughout the 1980s, Crocco’s sales team had to make a concerted effort to persuade customers to buy a Hublot. In the 1990s, Hublot’s name recognition grew slowly. It was also a major shift for them to believe that the Hublot’s high price tag was due to the watch’s intricate design rather than the unique rubber strap. The uphill sales struggle was eventually overcome, and by 1993, celebrities such as Prince Albert of Monaco, Giorgio Armani, Elton John, and Candice Bergen were wearing Hublot watches.

Jean-Clade Biver was appointed CEO in 2004. With the launch of the “Big Bang” Chronograph at Basel in April 2005, Biver quit his role as president of Swatch Group’s Omega division. The Big Bang, like the original Hublot, surprised Basel attendees; the oversized timepiece was a huge hit with customers. As a result, it won several awards including the prestigious Design Prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.

Many celebrities have collaborated with Hublot to create one-of-a-kind special editions, offering the watchmaker a distinct advantage. Shawn Carter, commonly known as Jay-z was the most recent addition to the list, designing the Classic Fusion. Shawn Carter is working for a Swiss firm. One of the interesting features of this limited edition is that Carter designed the entire piece.

How Hublot Entered the Digital World

Ricardo Guadalupe, the company’s CEO, says that “If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that adaptation is key for survival.” Due to the pandemic and the forced shutdown of over 90% of its retail network, Hublot has finally embraced the e-commerce revolution, admitting to expediting the online plan that was already in place, according to CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. The Hublot website’s e-shop, which was launched in June 2020, has gained in popularity. The ultimate test of online success, he claims, “will come when traditional retail outlets reopen.”

Hublot, being a luxury watchmaker, has had to make some adaptations as well. “We had to adjust, adapt, and reinvent ourselves in different ways. Digital is key in every way; it was critical before the epidemic, but it is even more so now.” Hublot’s CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe, agrees.

“It will never totally replace physical presentations,” the CEO stated, “but it is a step in the right direction.” These changes, I believe, will remain in effect even beyond the pandemic.”

We must be flexible, make quick decisions, and be imaginative and creative, as CEO Ricardo Guadalupe stated. To emerge from this crisis better and stronger than before, we must be even more so than before. Hublot’s philosophy has always been this way.

Hublot presently has four e-commerce hubs—Europe, the United States, China, and Japan—and CEO Ricardo Guadalupe believes China has the most potential, as its younger consumers are incredibly digitally sophisticated. Every time Hublot released a limited-edition online edition, it was immediately snapped up in China.

The Best Thing About Hublot

Hublot’s outstanding customer service is what sets them apart. Hublot store owners will always receive great care, and the company will go out of its way to impress them, as a token of their gratitude. Owners and collectors are precious to the company. This is popularly known by collectors and owners of high-end timepieces, and it resounds across the internet, particularly on various luxury watch enthusiast sites and forums. Whether a customer buys a watch at a boutique, orders one through the mail, or their website the result is the same: Hublot is always committed to its clients.

Because of this dedication, the Hublot was able to survive the pandemic. Their dedication to their customers drives them to make decisions and take action on what matters. “Art of Fusion” is the fusion of past and present that continues regardless of future crises. Traditional, modern, and cutting-edge elements come together in this design. The power of an original design identity combined with watchmaking craftsmanship will continue to deliver to the company’s loyal watch collectors. Even if the physical store opens on time, Hublot will continue to strive with the use of digital platforms, which they believe is a significant advantage.


This pandemic has a significant influence not only on the tourism industry but also on all retail stores, including the watch industry. Hublot, a well-known watchmaker, has finally accepted the new normal and digital world. This may be a significant new step for the company, but the trust that has been created over the last decade will stay, and many people will continue to patronize it.

The pandemic challenges each industry to survive, like Hublot they made the decision quickly because they thought it may provide a platform for them to communicate with customers. They were successful in e-commerce because they continually believe that it has great potential.

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