Samsung Galaxy S21 Phones – The Ultimate Leak Of Era

by Alexander Griffin

Want to see the entire Galaxy S21 lineup looks? There is a huge and observable difference in the size between the rumored regular, Plus, and Ultra variants of the phone.  Presently, there are three colors, including purple which looks very nice and seem to continue the trend of collecting fingerprints.

Definitely, the S21 Ultra is on the thick side and has the dark color. It becomes somewhat hard to compare with the other phone models.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S21 phones –

  • Large and clear display
  • High resolution with pixel quality
  • Fast processors
  • Enormous Storage Capacity
  • Good battery capacity
  • Latest Android platforms
  • Futuristic design
  • Powerful Configuration

With wide variety of powerful hardware configurations and reliable vibrant display, Samsung Galaxy S21 turns out to be a topper in its segment. Considering its expected price range, the device features all up-to-the-mark necessary specifications.

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