PDF Drive Alternatives: Know About Top 8 Alternatives to PDF Drive Here

by Alexander Griffin
PDF Drive Alternatives

Do you also love reading different types of books? If yes, then you must have heard about the PDF Drive website. It is an online web platform that can be accessed by any student, teacher, professor, and all those book lovers. Over nine crore books are already available on PDF Drive, and that number is rising quickly. Users of the PDF Drive platform can download these books.

The books are methodically arranged into several categories based on their genres, making it simple for users to locate any particular book based on their preferences. Any book of your choosing can be downloaded by simply clicking on it. A new tab will then appear with the opportunity to download the PDF version of the book you’ve chosen. The finest feature is that users of this site don’t have to pay anything to download books.

However, in case you are not able to access this website or looking for other similar sites then continue reading the article to explore the best alternatives to PDF Drive so that you can choose the one for you.

1. BookBoon

If you are a student and do not have enough money to purchase all of the books you require, then BookBoon is the solution to your problem. More than 10,000 books are available on BookBoon, the majority of which were published by professors from reputable colleges. The user may find books based on a variety of topics and areas, including engineering, IT, economics, and other fields.

In addition to letting users download books from different authors, BookBoon also allows users to publish their own high-caliber academic publications. This way, users may contribute to helping individuals who want to learn more but lack the money to buy books.

2. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is the next terrific choice on our list and it has a great selection of books in PDF formats. All of the books on the platform are accessible to ManyBooks users, and they may even post reviews after finishing a particular title. It should be emphasized that the user must first register on the website to browse all the books and write reviews.

ManyBooks first launched its services in 2004 and provided its users with a library of digital books at no cost. There are books in the romance, action, adventure, and fantasy genres, among many others. So in general, ManyBooks is the best alternative to PDF Drive because it is free to use and has some bestsellers.

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3. Smashwords

Smashwords is the third option on our list for PDF Drive. It provides its readers with books written by numerous well-known writers and is the distributor of a sizable collection of e-books. The majority of books are available for free download in a variety of formats, although certain publications may require a fee before they can be downloaded.

The books offered on this platform can be downloaded without issue on a variety of devices and in several different file types, including EPUB, KINDLE, PDF, and RTF. On the platform, users can sign up and add books to their libraries that they want to read later on in their free time.

4. Authorama

Another excellent PDF Drive alternative is Authorama, which features a wide selection of books by various writers. Although certain books are also available in German on the platform, the majority of the books are in English. It contains every collection, including both old and new books.

The best feature of this platform is that it enables users to read books using their browser as the platform, which means they can do so without having to download the books first.

PDF Drive Alternatives

5. Booknet.Com

On our list, Booknet.com is yet another excellent alternative. Many people lack understanding about the greatest novels to read, which makes it challenging for them to decide which book to start with. This PDF Drive substitute makes it simple for new readers to get rid of this issue because all the books are grouped according to sales volume, type, and popularity.

All of the books on Booknet.com’s platform include a preview, which the reader may use to decide whether or not to continue reading the book. The ranking of the books among others when they are submitted to the platform in their PDF versions also has a big impact on how well-written the books are.

6. Librivox

Librivox stands out from the other options on our list because of a few special characteristics. In addition to providing users with books in PDF formats, Librivox now provides users with audible books. Audible books are a revolutionary development since they are highly beneficial for people who do not want to stare at a screen for an extended period because it is bad for their eyes. Readers in this situation turn become listeners, which is just as productive as reading books.

It is also noteworthy because users do not have to spend any money to access books on this site; they may read books in PDF and audiobook formats for free. Further, all the books that are available on Librivox are free to read.

7. ReadPrint

Readers who are not into new technologies will find ReadPrint’s user interface to be quite beneficial. It makes it very simple for readers to find books of their choice because it allows users to narrow their search of books by entering the titles or types of books they wish to read.

ReadPrint provides its readers with access to a vast library of books in a variety of genres, including mystery, science fiction, horror, etc. Over 8000 books by more than 3500 authors are accessible on ReadPrint in all popular formats. The readers of ReadPrint don’t have to register or create accounts to read the books. The readers must sign up if they want to keep track of their reading. Additionally, To increase its popularity among users, the website is free to access.

8. Open Library

Open Library was established to assist those who are blind by providing all of the books in audible versions. It was a fantastic endeavor with a noble goal. Later, this website became so well-known that practically everyone began utilizing it to read or listen to books online for free.

Many of the most well-known books are available through Open Library in practically every format, including PDF, Kindle, and Plain Text. Any book by any author or publisher is readily available to readers. For writers as well as readers, Open Library is a great resource. With the use of this platform, writers can contribute or share their work as well.

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E-books are copies of printed books that are created digitally. Recently, carrying books has become more challenging as people have lessened their luggage loads when traveling. The e-book comes into play here and is quite important. Now you can also obtain e-books for free utilizing services like PDF Drive, which greatly benefited us. We have shared the best PDF Drive alternatives that can satisfy the requirements of various readers and students. We hope you found this article helpful and now you can also read any of your favorite books from the above-mentioned platforms.


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