Mistakes You Must Avoid While Starting a Travel Blog in Instagram

by Alexander Griffin
Mistakes You Must Avoid While Starting a Travel Blog

No doubt that Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for sharing your thoughts and growing your business, but this is also true that with growing popularity, Instagram has become very dynamic and competitive and in this dynamic atmosphere if you want to grow your blogging account then you must avoid some serious mistakes. In this article, we will talk about some mistakes that you must avoid at all costs if you want to become a travel blogger. 

Trying to Be Everything

There are millions of travel blog accounts on Instagram with many new ones popping every day. To stand out from those accounts you have to be specific. If you widen your focus and try to cover everything then it will be confusing for your followers as they will not understand what to expect from you. So to grow your travel blogging account you have to choose a specific and unique domain. Find your niche and focus on your core values. There are many types of trips so decide which one suits you better, whether you want an eco-friendly trip with your partner or an affordable adventurous trip, or you want to just travel with your pet, etc, there can be many such ideas, so do your research, learn about their requirements and decide the one that suits you best and stick to it.

Trying to Copy Other Accounts

The most important aspect of a travel blog is authenticity and genuineness. As mentioned in the previous point, do your research and decide your niche, and while your research you will come across many travel blogs that belong to your interested niche. You can take inspiration from those blogs such as what are the places they are visiting, what preparations they are making, etc. But do not copy exactly what they are doing as this will make you lose your authenticity. According to Forbes, authentic content builds a strong relationship between the brand and its followers

Not Being Consistent

Commitment is a compulsory thing that you must have on Instagram. You are a travel blogger and your followers eagerly wait to see your next post, glimpses of your ongoing adventure, etc., and being inconsistent in such conditions will be the last thing you can imagine doing. So what is the solution? It’ssimple; just fix the timing for posting your photos. As you are a travel blogger it will be better if you post daily and keep your followers updated about your adventure but again what will be the best time to do that? The best time to post is when your followers are most active. To find out when your followers are most active, you have to convert your account into a business account and after doing that you will be able to use the analytics tool of Instagram from which you will know when your followers are most active.

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Underestimating Instagram Stories

This is the most common mistake that maximum Travel bloggers make. They only focus on their feeds and readily ignore the importance of Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories help you to connect with your followers in a better way and increase your Instagram community growth. Stories make your followers feel as if they are present with you and this is the exact feel you need to give them as a travel blogger. So post Stories every day and along with that also be consistent with our posting (remember the third point). While posting Stories, you have to keep certain things in mind like using proper hashtags and adding location. 

Not Being Social

Do you know what the 3 rules of Instagram success are? Its engagement, engagement, and some more engagement! Instagram is called social media platform for a reason so learn to be social. Posting images and waiting for likes and follows to rush in is not how things work. At least spent an hour in a day connecting with your followers, reply to their comments, follow them back, like and share their posts. This will show how humble you are towards your followers. 

Getting Ashamed Too Easily

Being a travel blogger, you will face situations when you will feel ashamed or embarrassed. And this is also obvious because people will keep on staring at you when you will fix your tripod and pose in front of your camera for clicking pictures. Now you cannot change the people around you, they will give you weird looks and ask you weird questions but what you can do is be patient and answer them, and if they keep on starring, just do one thing, ignore them.


These are the mistakes that you must avoid while starting an Instagram travel blog channel. Just be creative, be engaging, be unique, be social and let your travel blog account flourish.

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