Explore Best Instagram Skincare Marketing Tricks for Boosting Your Beauty Brand

by Alexander Griffin
Instagram Skincare Marketing Tricks

Beauty marketing seems to be in vogue and is very much the need of the modern era. We find that the market is flooded with beauty products that are known to generate record-breaking sales and revenues. It is due to the ever-rising consumer demand for diverse beauty products such as hair and skin care. According to Forbes, this consistent growth has been supported hugely by smart social media marketing strategies for boosting brand awareness despite stiff competition existing between various beauty brands. As far as social media marketing is concerned, the power of social media influencers is leveraged in recent years as a popular stratagem. 

Beauty influencers are active social media users who love to showcase their knowledge, ideas, and expertise on makeup, skincare, and overall beauty. Beauty influencers are known for attracting and engaging massive audiences based on their videos, blogs, reviews, suggestions, product recommendations, advice, and some other types of content presented on social media platforms. The skincare industry is currently making more than $17 million, in terms of, revenue every year and it is forecasted to go up by 5.3 percent annually. With the ongoing onslaught of the COVID-19 global pandemic, there has been a dramatic boost in the demand for self-care products, including skincare products. Hence, this could prove to be the ideal time for beauty and skincare brands to evaluate their skincare marketing stratagems. Here are some skincare marketing tricks for boosting your beauty and skincare brand. 

Make the Necessary Technical Adjustments to Boost Your Skincare Brand

It is a good idea to focus right at the beginning on making the necessary technical SEO improvements and adjustments on your official site and your Instagram Business account. That should help your beauty products be visible more frequently, and that too obtain higher SERP rankings. You may consider working on link building for driving traffic to your Instagram page and official website. Finally, get A/B testing done for improving conversions. Moreover, you may buy more followers to boost your overall follower count and enjoy more conversions and revenues.

Know Your Brand Well

You may determine what exactly your brand is all about. Know your logo. Make sure that your logo is visible on even a tiny screen. Do not blindly or mindlessly choose a profile picture. 

Ensure that you are using a memorable picture or logo as your Instagram profile picture that stands out on the screen. You may consider eliminating all text from your Instagram logo and just stick to a small-sized picture in case the larger logo seems unsuitable for a small box. Focus on maintaining consistency of colors. Consider your skincare brand’s Instagram profile as just a small endeavor that effectively reflects your ethos and brand. 

Use Hashtags

You should focus on using hashtags as you cannot gain followers if you do not have hashtags. However, you have the liberty of posting only 30 hashtags per picture. However, you may consider optimizing those hashtags. You may devote substantial time to doing the proper research so that you can identify the best hashtags that complement your targeted customer and brand. You may prepare a comprehensive list of those shortlisted hashtags. There is no point in choosing hashtags that boast of having millions of images if you are having just about 50 odd followers. Opt for small niche hashtags to gradually build from there.

Determine Your Skincare Marketing Target Audience

It will be a futile exercise to market your products without identifying and understanding your target audience. You should know precisely, who would be reading your marketing message and if at all anyone will get to read your message.

Marketing your products without knowing your audience inside and out is like tossing out messages in a bottle. You don’t know who will end up reading them—if anyone ends up reading them at all. Once you have identified and understood your targeted audience, you should make an effort to learning ways to connect with them and talk to them. Learn about the core issues they truly care about, specific influencers they are following, and determine where your audience is placed on social media. Moreover, consistently analyzing your targeted audience regularly will go a long way in telling you would be purchasing your product. Remember demographics are prone to shifting over time. You should be capable of pivoting to grab the market via the perfect channels.

Focus on Taking High-Quality Pictures

Your pictures have to be of superior quality to stand out from the rest and grab instant audience attention. Focus on getting your pictures right only then you can become a popular skincare Instagram account with millions of fans and followers and even get thousands of likes on every Instagram picture you post. Ensure that there is adequate lighting, good framing, use of good colors, and the perfect subject matter. Stay away from displaying brash ads. 

Remember Pictures Are Not the End All or Be All

High-resolution stunning pictures are important, but you cannot undermine the value of the text. You should focus on what you wish to tell your audience. Tell them exactly how they will be benefitted from your beauty and skincare products. First of all, create a nice flawless story in the notes app. Then transform it into a well-structured story. Simply copy and paste in the space below the picture.

Create an Effective Skincare Marketing Message

Once you have identified your specific target audience, you could consider developing a clear and powerful message that speaks volumes about your brand to your audience directly. Your brand’s marketing message has to be consistent across all marketing platforms. Seek assistance from a trustworthy digital marketing agency like IIgers to boost your follower count and reach your message to a broader audience. 

Build Strategic Relationships in the Skincare Space

Relationship building is the cornerstone of strategic marketing. You must forge strong partnerships and bring some value to the table so that you can bank on your partners to come through in your time of need. There are several avenues for strategic partnerships. Retail is one of the most lucrative, so you can explore big chains like Target, Walmart, and, so on. Millennials and Gen Z customers tend to discover new products through their retail outlets, so a distribution partnership can work out very well for you. 

Further, you could work on a partnership that brings a new dimension to existing products through new marketing campaigns, packaging, or branding. Sustainability and safety are superb options to consider in this context. Another avenue that is only recently being explored is to create new product lines in partnership with other companies- you get to attract both customer bases and deliver something truly unique. Within the beauty domain, chemical R&D companies have been big players, but you can also explore alternative routes. Riding a new wave of cannabis legalization, several companies have considered launching new products that are infused with CBD and utilize its many benefits.


Beauty brands who have been taking a less passive stance towards marketing may already be seeing considerable gains from it. However, there is so much more you could be doing to take your products, and your revenues, to the next level. By looking to the future and adding a strategy to your sales and marketing approach, you can genuinely become one of the biggest, most prominent players in the skincare and cosmetics space.

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