How to Achieve a Higher Level of Fitness

by Alexander Griffin
How to Achieve a Higher Level of Fitness

There could be many reasons why you desire a higher level of fitness; you might have had a few years of inactivity and as you approach middle age, you wish to reclaim that toned body you once had. It might be that you are preparing to take up a sport and need to be in the best condition in order to train, or you might be recovering from surgery or an injury.

Define your goals

Before going to the local gym in Concord West and booking a fitness course, you need to sit down and write down your fitness goals; spend some time thinking about what it is that you want to achieve. You also need to assess your current physical health – are you on any medication? Do you have any underlying health issues? If so, it would be best to visit your GP, have a check-up and inform the doctor of your plan to improve your fitness levels. If you have no ailments and are not grossly overweight, your body should be able to handle strenuous physical activity.

Think diet

What goes into your body is obviously very important and if you plan to boost your activity, you will need additional nutrients, such as protein. You may have made several attempts to lose weight or regain that six-pack, yet you always seem to get side-tracked; the best way forward is to hire a personal trainer and let the fitness professional design a plan that will deliver the desired results. You need to follow a weekly diet plan that is set by a health professional, then you can push through that pain barrier and not worry about your health. Think of your body as a complex machine that needs a wide range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in order to perform at optimum levels, so it is critical that your diet is suitable for hi-energy activity. Here are a few tips to keep you calm when the going gets tough.


When you want to improve fitness levels, playing a sport is a great way to achieve your goal, plus you have some fun at the same time. It takes a lot of discipline to go to the gym three times a week and endure a gruelling workout, whereas playing squash or soccer is very enjoyable. Sport may be your very reason for wanting to improve your stamina and strength, or it could be a vehicle to a goal. Playing competitive sports is very satisfying in many respects and it is natural to want to get better, which starts out with fast development, but as you become more proficient, it becomes harder to improve performance. If you have specific fitness goals that involve competitive sports, talk to a personal trainer who can advise you or better still, prepare a program that leads to a higher level of fitness and improved skill sets.

If we think of ourselves in a holistic way, good physical, mental & spiritual health can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle.

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