A Guide to Obtaining a Visa to Live & Work in Australia

by Alexander Griffin
A Guide to Obtaining a Visa to Live & Work in Australia

If you have fallen in love with the Aussie way of life and wish to relocate, you certainly aren’t alone, as Australia is one of the most popular places that professional people choose. Of course, there are many different types of working visa to enter Australia, which we list below.

Types of Working Visa

The following visas are available:

  • ENS Visa – The Employer Nomination Scheme visa allows skilled people to live and work in Australia. If you apply for a position in Australia, your would-be employer sponsors your visa application and with the help of a leading immigration lawyer in Sydney, you will get the green light to start the next exciting chapter of your life.
  • Skilled Independent Visa – If an Australian employer has a need for specialist labour, they would invite a suitable applicant to apply for the skilled independent visa. This is typically used to fast track a skilled professional from New Zealand or Europe and with the help of an established immigration lawyer, you should encounter no issues.
  • 187 Regional Visa – The Regional Sponsorship Migration Scheme is designed to meet the needs of employers in rural parts of Australia. Sparsely populated regions have skilled labour needs and the scheme assists employers in finding skilled workers abroad. The visa has two streams; a Temporary Residence Transition stream and a Direct Entry stream. The former is a permanent visa that is primarily for temporary workers that have already completed 2-3 years of employment, while Direct Entry is mainly for skilled workers who have never been to Australia.
  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa – This is used when there is insufficient local labour and skilled labour is sought abroad; the employer can contact an immigration lawyer to facilitate the visa for a sponsored foreign employee. This visa can be processed quickly, with multiple applicants being approved in a single process.
  • Temporary Work Visa – This visa is used when skilled specialists need to spend some time in the country on a short-stay basis. Again, the employer needs to hire an immigration lawyer, who can prepare all the documentation and submit the application.
  • Business Talent Visa – This is designed to assist an Australian employer that requires specialist professional business services. This would be a temporary stay visa that can generally be extended if there is a valid reason for continued presence.
  • Distinguished Talent Visa – This is a permanent visa that is given to people of outstanding talent and service to humanity in the arts or sciences. Many actors decide to relocate to Australia and this type of visa allows for this.

If you are looking for a skilled position in Australia, once you find a suitable employer, they can contact an immigration lawyer who can facilitate the visa application. Click here for further information on the various types of working visa, which might help you pinpoint the type of visa you should apply for.

It is important to seek the advice of a leading immigration lawyer prior to making a visa application, as this ensures a favourable outcome.

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