Fixmyspeaker Review

by Alexander Griffin
Fixmyspeaker Review

So you dropped your phone in the toilet, sink, or pool and it survived, but the sound from the speaker is now muffled? Some water might still remain trapped in the speaker. When any form of moisture dries out in your speaker, it can cause catastrophic harm. FixMySpeaker assists in the repair of your smartphone speaker by producing an ultra low 165Hz high frequency water removal sound. A clever method for removing water and dust from your iPhone or Android phone’s speakers.

What Happens If You Drop Your Phone In Water? Will it be harmed?

When a phone falls into water, fluids block the port, jack, and speaker. If no action is taken, water will enter the circuits of a non-water-resistant phone, causing corrosion of the circuits, coils, and resistors. It may also not operate on a water-damaged phone since sensitive components take time to break.

How Can You Tell If Your Phone Is Water Resistant Or Not?

  • The Ingress Protection code, sometimes known as an IP rating, is used to assess a phone’s water resistance. The IP rating of a gadget relates to its resistance against solid and liquid incursions.
  • IP rating is made up of two numbers. The first indicates resistance to solids like dust, whereas the second indicates resistance to liquids like water.
  • If your phone has an IP68 certification, it means it has a degree of solid object protection of 6 (full protection against dust, dirt, and sand) and a level of liquid protection of 8.
  • The popular iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21 phones are both IP68 certified. While IP ratings indicate that phones are water-resistant, swimming with most phones is a bad idea. The salt in oceans and swimming pools might harm your phone and need its replacement.

Tips for Getting Water Out of an iPhone or Android Phone

  • Turn off your phone right away. If you’re lucky, your phone was shut off before any severe water damage occurred.
  • With a moist towel, clean the phone. Wash the phone with a moist towel after removing salt water, beer, and other liquids since salt water is corrosive and will undoubtedly harm your phone if not removed.
  • Remove any detachable coverings or cases. Remove the phone cases, covers, SIM card, and micro-SD card if possible. If your phone permits you to remove the battery, do that as well.
  • Dry the phone with paper towels or a soft paper towel. You can also use a paper towel or cloth, but make sure it’s soft and free of lint.
  • Shake carefully to remove the water. Shake the gadget gently to remove water from the charging ports, but avoid strong shaking as this may distribute the liquid deeper within.

What Should You Avoid When Repairing a Water-Damaged Phone?

  • Place the towel outside the charging port.
  • Insert no other things into the charging port. Cotton swabs, for example.
  • Don’t use your phone’s keys or buttons.
  • Don’t shake, tap, or smash the phone quietly.
  • Don’t plug in the phone.
  • Don’t use your phone’s keys or buttons.
  • Do not use an external heat source like hair dryer to dry your phone.

What To Do If Water Goes In Speaker?

Most latest smartphones are splash, water, and dust resistant, and have been tested in laboratories. However, these safeguards are not permanent and may deteriorate as a result of natural use. Charging a damp iPhone or Android phone is even risky.

That is why you want FixMySpeaker, a web browser programme that can play water removal sound to clear and repair your phone speaker. When you hit a button, the phone will play a specialised water removal audio that will help produce sound waves that will eject water and dust from your phone’s speaker.

FAQs related to FixMySpeaker

  • Why haven’t they created an app for Fix My Speaker if it truly works?

Perhaps we will. Their team just believed that this Fix My Speaker method would be valuable for some people, therefore they produced Phone Cleaner in less than two hours. Yes, they we will explore developing a genuine app if it can provide additional phone speaker cleaning and drying benefits.

  • Is FixMySpeaker a standalone app for Android or iOS?

No. We like to call it a prank, but it genuinely works by playing a sound of water ejecting. To generate a comparable cleaning and drying effect on your phone speaker, play any similar audio sound. Many people regard it as a Fix My Speaker method.

  • Does It really work?

By playing sounds available on the website, you can removed the trapped water from your smartphone’s speakers very easily.

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