Fix Common SEO Issues to Achieve More

by Alexander Griffin
What to Watch Out For With SEO in 2022

More than often, you will find that some issues are stopping you from getting the optimal SEO results of your efforts. They are not readily apparent, but you can see them when you do a site audit.

Fixing these issues as early as possible is necessary, as your SEO efforts can take a lot of time to show that effect.

Here are some common mistakes and how you can fix them. But SEO is not a one-time effort; it’s a life-long endeavor. You should fix these issues and wait for the results. Alright…let’s get straight to the point…

Not optimizing your site for local searches

Companies spend a lot of money on your digital marketing for more revenue and increased rankings. But neglecting local SEO could prove expensive for them in the long run. Google understands that most people want products within their reach and promotes content that appeals to locals. Get SEO services from the best SEO agency in India to optimize for local searches.

Getting enlisted in GMB is more critical than ever, as this is how people find you on local searches. You should update and optimize your GMB listing frequently to make your business visible in local searches.

Your GMB should have information about your city, street address, and phone number on your GMB, as it’s essential for local rankings. You can also consider enlisting in Yelp and other local directories to increase brand visibility. For local rankings, get the SEO services of a company in that area.

It would help if you cultivated strong relationships with bloggers and local influencers, as it will get your business more coverage. Writing guest posts for local bloggers will get you more backlinks and improve your local rankings.

When you write content for a local audience, target the local search terms that include the name of that place. These are searches made by local people who want to buy products from nearby businesses. When you target these local search terms in your content, you will rank higher. Get the eCommerce SEO services of a company to target local customers who show intent.

Site Security

In 2014, Google confirmed that it prioritizes sites with SSL certificates. These sites will have an added advantage over sites when it comes to rankings. Although there are other ranking factors, site security has become more critical for businesses. Get the ecommerce SEO services of an agency to ensure that your site has robust encryption systems.

It’s not just about the rankings; site security also affects user experience. Customers these days are very knowledgeable, and they are careful about leaking their personal information over the internet. They are aware of the data breaches happening at leading companies.

This means your site needs an SSL certificate, both for user experience and rankings. Sites without SSL certificates will show up as “not secure,” which will prevent customers from trusting you with their personal information.

Your site could have a lot of user data, and it’s your responsibility to protect them. Doing so will boost your rankings and increase people’s trust in your brand.

Your content is not worthy of links

Writing informative content is good, but you can’t get links if you don’t aim for it. Keep the backlinks in your mind before you write the content. There are several link-building strategies out there to help you. But the most popular one is the “Skyscraper Technique.”

The first step in this technique is to find what type of content is popular among the people. You can use Google’s free tools for your research. From this, you should pick a topic that feels close to your heart. The next stage is to use tools to find what content ranks higher for these search terms.

Now you have to look for ways to improve the existing content. It could be updating old information or fixing broken links. Perhaps you should use more illustrations and back it up with data to make your point clearer. Sometimes, the original content could lack depth, so you can use this opportunity to make it perfect.

When bloggers see that your content is better than the original one, they will naturally link you. It could drive massive traffic to your site in a quick time. You can also promote your content if you want more outreach and backlinks.

Internal Linking

Linking pages and articles helps people who are looking for in-depth information. It’s not just the people; Google finds it easy to scan your content if they are all well-linked. Additionally, internal linking creates a sense of order and structure to your site. It will lead to higher rankings, as these links positively affect multiple aspects of your site.

One way to effectively link separate content is through topical clusters. The first step involves identifying search terms popular with your audience. Then, you have to group them into clusters.

After that, you can create “pillar content” for these clusters. The pillar content would serve as the meeting point for the rest of your content. To add more depth to the pillar content, you can write blogs around this topic using related search terms.

You can also devote separate pages to these content clusters to help your site look clean. These pages are called “pillar pages” as they provide information on a particular topic.

In this way, you can keep your content organized and easily accessible. It also helps you link several pages. You will improve your site navigation, user experience, and ultimately rankings when you do this.

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