7 Features to Look for in a Good Cold Therapy Unit

by Alexander Griffin
7 Features to Look for in a Good Cold Therapy Unit

An excellent cold therapy unit can be a huge player in your recovery and performance training. Going through a proper recovery or cooling process right after exercise is critical, especially if you’re aiming to get bigger and stronger. However, with so many different brands of cold therapy units out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the suitable DonJoy IceMan cold therapy unit. Here are seven features to look for in an excellent cold therapy unit!

Clear Cooler Design

Your DonJoy IceMan cold therapy unit should have a straightforward cooler design and easy-to-use tension control feature that lets you adjust vibration levels as needed. Check out the vibration levels on each setting before making your final purchase decision so that you can easily find one that fits your needs.

Most units have adjustable temperature controls, though some let you change the temperature within a narrower range than others. Likewise, the DonJoy IceMan cold therapy devices let you adjust the length of your session based on how much relief you need at that moment.

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Include Power Supply

Many DonJoy IceMan cold therapy units require batteries for operation, ranging from AA to D or 9V. Some models come with replaceable batteries, which allow them to function continuously for up to 10 hours on a single set of batteries. Ensure that that gadget has a power supply unit to facilitate functionality. Remember, A plug-in unit is more convenient because it doesn’t have a battery that needs replacing, but if you’re travelling, you’ll need to bring along a power cord. A rechargeable unit means you don’t have to remember to pack batteries before you go away, but they can be pricier than plug-ins.

Self-Priming, Plug, and Play Operation

Check for a liquid pump designed with specific liquid to facilitate the pumping process. The pump should increase the DonJoy IceMan’s operating efficiencies during the intermittent operations. This extends therapy for various protocols and indications as directed by a medical practitioner.

The DonJoy IceMan is portable

You want a portable cold therapy unit that is lightweight and compact enough to carry with you when you travel or exercise. If your device is too bulky or heavy, it defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.

Look up the Return Policy

When purchasing your DonJoy IceMan, look up the return policy to protect your investment. Ensure that you receive a sealed product from the vendor. Read their warranty provisions for both the DonJoy IceMan and the pads.

A Line of Cold Pads

Ensure that the cold therapy pad has a line of cold pads to deliver cold therapy where it is needed effectively. Remember, the technology it uses relies on the pads. Faulty pads will interfere with the functionality of your DonJoy IceMan cold therapy unit.

Universal Pad

The pad is what goes on top of your body part during application. Ensure that you can use the universal pad on your cold therapy unit as an alternative to McGuire Knee Wrap. Note that the Universal Pad functions better as a closed Patella Knee Wrap.


Now that you know what to look for in a cold bath therapy unit, get to shopping today!

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