Window vs Tree Bird Feeder: Which One Is Better for Your Home?

by Alexander Griffin
Window vs Tree Bird Feeder

Birds are sociable, intelligent, and beautiful animals. So, for bird lovers, listening to the beautiful songs and melodies of birds and watching them fly around is a very calming and relaxing sight. They can’t get enough of seeing them around their homes.

But for birds to find shelter within your property, you need to put some effort to attract the birds into your home. One great way of doing that is having a suitable bird feeder. A bird feeder attracts birds by acting as a food reserve. A good bird feeder should be strong enough to withstand harsh climatic conditions and designed to keep food dry.  

There are a variety of bird feeders worth selecting but two of the most prominent include tree bird feeders and window bird feeders. So, which among the two is the most suitable?

Read on to learn the difference between the two and which one stands out.

Comparison between Window Bird Feeders and Tree Bird Feeders?

Bird feeders can be placed in a tree or mounted on a window. The latter is recommendable because of the many advantages a window-mounted bird feeder has over one placed in a tree. Here are some of the reasons why a bird feeder window stands out.

1. Gives Kids a Closer View

The window bird feeder gives kids a close-up view of the birds while they visit our yard to eat. When you add this feeder, you can watch them in their natural state, which is very exciting for anyone who loves wildlife. Just remember to keep a distance from your window so as not to scare them away.

These feeders can be used for more than just watching the birds. They can be used in various ways, such as entertaining kids or as decoration in any room of your home or office.

2. Bird Lovers Benefit More From Window Bird Feeders

If you have a tree bird feeder, you will likely not see the birds on the tree. Bird watching is the main reason more people build bird feeders in their homes. Looking at birds is what makes bird-watching fun, after all, and this is where a feeder on your window comes in handy.

3. Ideal for People With Smaller Properties

If you live in a small house with a small yard, installing a window feeder may seem like the wisest thing to do. This way, you’ll get to see the birds up close.

But you shouldn’t be surprised when large birds sort of seem to avoid your window bird feeder. This is because larger birds like blue jays and cardinals feel safer eating on a tree than eating on a window feeder.

4. Easy To Clean and Refill

Window bird feeders are easy to clean and refill. Most models offer an easy fill system where you just pop open the bottom and add more seeds without even removing it from the window.

And since it attaches easily with suction cups, you don’t have to worry about it falling off when a lot of birds are on it.

Struggling to Choose Between a Window Bird Feeder and Tree Bird Feeder?

While tree bird feeders are the best for attracting bigger birds, window bird feeders are great for people who love bird watching but have limited space in their backyard. They give you an up-close view of birds at your feeders.

Also, they are much more accessible making them simple to clean and refill. Mount a window feeder in your home today to bring the outdoors a bit closer to home.

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