Why You Should Build An ADU Yourself

by Alexander Griffin
Why You Should Build An ADU Yourself

ADUs are becoming more popular, especially in states like California. They have a boatload of benefits associated with building them that make them attractive to a lot of homeowners. This plethora of benefits is exactly why you should build an ADU yourself.

ADUs Increase Property Value

Want an easy way to increase the value of your home? Build an ADU on it.

On average, an ADU increases property value by 51% in resale value. Therefore it is a no-brainer to build an ADU on your property if you plan on selling it in the future.

ADUs Offer An Income Opportunity

Sure building an ADU costs a lot upfront, but it can pay for itself over time if you rent it out. Renting out your ADU not only offers you added passive income that will eventually pay off the initial costs and eventually profit you, but it also helps combat the housing crisis.

By renting your ADU, you will be offering affordable housing to low-income families that would otherwise be living on the streets. Therefore, not only is this rental opportunity helping you, but also your community.

ADUs Offer Multi-Generational Housing

If you have aging parents that you would like to keep a closer eye on, ADU can be the perfect solution. It allows for both you and your parents to keep their privacy and independence, but also for you to be able to check on them more easily.

Also, if you have children that are getting ready to move out but aren’t ready to make the big leap yet, an ADU can offer them a taste of independence while still being able to ask for your help whenever they need it.

ADUs Are Environmentally Friendly

ADUs are small and compact, making them perfect for individuals or small families. Their compactness also makes them more environmentally friendly since they don’t have wasted space within them. No wasted space means no unnecessary raw materials to be taken from the environment.

They also take up a lot less space, meaning they interfere less with the surrounding environment.

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