Why is Online Movie Streaming Better Than Torrenting Movies?

by Alexander Griffin
Online Movie Streaming

From the number of ways available through which one can watch movies, torrenting and streaming sites are the most widely recognised and used ones. When it comes to downloading from streaming sites, they are often safer, have efficient UI, and come with minimum malware threats.

Though some torrent sites like movierulz plz telugu also offer these services, however, a majority of the sites are prone to data-stealing and can lead to many legal complications.

Since torrent sites often host pirated content, they are considered illegal and one should not go for these except when you have no other option available.

Let’s take a look into what makes online streaming better than torrenting:

  1. It is Safer

Streaming sites often have a central server and a team of developers who work to make the platform bug-free and to keep the hackers and third-party data stealers away.

Torrent sites, however, have no central servers and the content is uploaded and downloaded using a network of computers which are a relatively easy target for hackers. Streaming sites make sure your online identity stays safe while you watch your favourite movies and shows.

  1. They Offer More Variety

It has been observed that streaming sites give you access to the latest content way before torrenting sites do. Torrent sites upload movies after months of their release and often the results are still mediocre.

This does not happen if you choose streaming films and shows. These sites are updated regularly to add all the latest content and to give you access to the shows from every genre and type.

In this way, a greater number of movies are available on the streaming sites which gives you a more diverse collection of content.

  1. Friendly User Interface

Streaming sites give a one-click movie-watching experience. This allows you to start having fun with just a few simple steps unlike in torrent where you have to install the client first and then you have to download the torrent file from a torrent site and then you have to wait for the download to complete.

Streaming sites also have features like a community chat forum, movie ratings wrote along with the title, filter search and search by genres options, and other cool features to make your movie watching time worth your while.

All these useful features are usually missing in torrent sites which leads to a poor film viewing experience.

  1. Fewer Viruses and Malware Threats

Torrent files are often a host to harmful malware which can potentially render your devices useless.

Since there is little check and balance on torrent sites and it is hard to know what is inside a file until it is downloaded, you can easily end up messing up your device. No doubt some free streaming sites also come with this issue, but the number of such platforms is very small.

So, if you want to reduce the chances of your device suffering from any such damage, stop using torrent sites right away and switch to streaming sites like kisscartoon, Popcornflix, etc.

  1. No Legal Complications

Since torrent is notorious for sharing pirated content, governments in various countries are working tirelessly to shut down such sources and find people who are involved in this unethical file sharing.

Though using a VPN while torrenting can significantly reduce your chances of getting caught, you are still not completely safe. So, to avoid getting into any such legal issue, streaming sites should be your top priority for movies and shows viewing.

Final Words

We hope this article has been able to show you clearly why torrenting is bad and what makes legal streaming sites a more reasonable choice. The above-discussed factors are a few of the many reasons why a huge number of movie fans are turning to stream sites with every passing day.

Streaming sites are safer, offer better video quality, and give a complete user experience while requiring very little effort on your part.

So, pick streaming sites for your movie needs over torrent platforms and have endless fun watching your favourite shows and movies. We wish you luck in your every future endeavour and stay with us for more exciting stuff to come.

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