Want to travel to someplace magical? Visit The Amazon Rainforest

by Alexander Griffin
Want to travel to someplace magical

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most exotic places in the world. From tropical grounds to local culture, there is so much to experience and appreciate about this gem of South America. The reasons to visit the Amazon Rainforest are too many to count!

Whether you want to witness more than ten species of monkeys and over 600 species of birds, or swim near pink dolphins, the wildlife of the Amazon is abundant and unique. As if spotting pink river dolphins and capybaras wasn’t cool enough, consider the fact that rainforests supply around 20% of Earth’s oxygen. The Amazon is truly a magical supplier of life for all living things.

While rainforests, in general, are wonders of nature, the Amazon is the most glorious of them all, as it is the largest rainforest in the entire world, covering nine countries. The majority resides in Brazil, but it also spans across Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, and five other countries. Embedded within the Amazon are more than half of Earth’s rainforests, explaining the biodiverse environment of animals and plants.

Whether you want the experience of visiting new territory or of learning local culture, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking to travel someplace magical, plan an Amazon rainforest trip. Here are four more reasons to make your travel plans here!

1. Experience Culture On Your Amazon Rainforest Trip

With a reputation of being some of the world’s most friendly people, the locals of the Amazon are warm and inviting to visitors and enjoy a relaxed, slow-paced lifestyle. Locals know the rainforest like the back of their hand and would be more than happy to show you around.

If you’re in need of some healing, you might even get to experience the powers of herbal medicine on your Amazon rainforest trip. Perhaps you’ll meet the medicine men, shamans, and doctors who practice these healing methods!

2. Indulge In Indigenous Cuisine

When you start to get hungry, chow down on the fusion of cuisine that blends Eastern and Western cultures with a side of ancient tradition. You’ll experience fresh and flavorful ingredients and develop an overwhelming love for Peruvian cuisine on your Amazon rainforest trip. 

3. Watch The Sunset

Sunsets in the Amazon are out of this world. The forest shadows into a black blanket, and the sky turns to orange and red, with blue highlights reflecting off the water. Listen to the jungle sounds and take in the glow of the river. Experience a romantic view like no other with the Amazon’s gorgeous sunsets.

4. Explore Ancient Landmarks

Enjoy shameless tourist activities on your Amazon rainforest trip like taking the scenic route to Machu Picchu. Experience the ancient ruins of the Sacred Valley. Whether you want to go on a group hike or lounge in a hammock, there is something unique and memorable here for you to do.

Make Vacation An Adventure!

Vacation has never looked more adventurous. Book your Amazon Rainforest trip now and experience the magic yourself!

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