Top 10 Snakes Found In Gold Coast, Queensland!!

by Alexander Griffin
Top 10 Snakes Found In Gold Coast, Queensland!!

Australia is known for two things, one its cheerful kangaroos and second for its dangerous snakes. Below we are sharing the list of 10 dangerous and commonly found snakes of Australia which are capable of causing serious harm to human.

Check out the list of top 10 deadliest snakes found in Gold Coast, Queensland!

1.Story of Ten Snakes

Here is one brand new incident happened in Australia. A Queensland snake catcher named Mitch Thorburn found more than he bargains for. In the ceiling of a Gold Coast home, he found not only one or two, but ten poisonous snakes lurking around. Those who are living in the property called the South East Reptile Relocations catcher after he had spotted four snakes hanging from his ceiling but, after the snake catcher dig deeper, he found something extremely shocking.

In his past record he found 8 snakes, but this time he smashed his record and in just 30 minutes he safely removes five green tree snakes, two brown tree snakes and three coastal carpet pythons. All the snakes were released back into their habitat!

2.Inland Taipan

Also known as fierce snake or small scaled snake majorly found in cracks and cervices of rocky plains of Queensland. It’s an introvert type of snake who loves to enjoy his company and rare to found. The major reason which only add this snake in top 10 is its highly toxic venom. This snake’s poison has the capacity to kill an adult human within 45 minutes. It’s the most potent of any land snake in the world.

3.Mugla Snake

King brown snakes found throughout the Australia except in Victoria, Tasmania and southern parts is the heaviest venomous snake of Australia. It omits 150mg in one bite which is the largest recorded output. Even the tiger snake only able to produce 10-40mg when killed.

Southern Muglas are reported to be shy and quite whereas northern ones are agitated in nature. Its highly toxic venom destroys the blood cells and affects the muscles and nerves brutally. It’s from the black snake genus family, so a black snake antivenom is required for the treatment.

4.Lowlands Copperhead

The common copperhead is majorly found in cool and cold climates of southern-eastern Australia. It’s the only venomous snake found above the snow line. It’s a water lover snake, so if your home is near dams, soaks, canals, drainage ditches so stay alert or else the copperhead will turn your head.

5.Common Death Adder

Noting to say as its name is saying everything. The southern death dealer majorly found in the southern, eastern and western part of Australia. It’s an ambush predator and don’t flee here and there for approaching prey. It just sits motionless, concealed in leaf litter, sand or gravel, twitching the worm-like tail and catch the prey suddenly.

Its dangerous venom affect motor and sensory function including respiration and results in death and paralysis.

6.Belcher’s Sea Snake

It’s an extremely venomous species of snake from the Elapidae family. It’s the most venomous sea snake and its one bite can easily kill the humans with ease. It’s a timid, short, and docile snake which rarely bites unless directly provoked. Majorly found in the warn water and feeds on small sea fishes and eel.

7.Small Eyed Snake

The small Eyed Snake is short statured but don’t you dare underestimate it, as its venom can pack a punch. The little snake is known for its toxicity and its bite has caused illness in many snake catcher. The venom of a 50 cm long snake contains a long acting myotoxin which continuously attack muscle tissues and sometimes leads to heart attack.

They are very secretive and night dwellers and don’t come in contact with humans. Their grey black color with a silver belly helps in camouflaging and when someone disturbs them they thrash then aggressively.

8.Green Tree Snakes

Queensland is full of common tree snake which are highly variable in colors and is also known as yellow bellied or blue bellied snake. It’s found in various colors and when disturbed they inflated their slender body and show their yellow color patches. They are active during the day found on tree and ground and in Aussies hometowns. They are less venomous and feeds on frogs and birds.

9.Keelback Tropidonophis mairii

It’s a freshwater non-venomous snake but it has one specialty which shocks everyone. Yes, the snake is not dangerous but its grey-green body with a loreal scale resembles the venomous and deadly rough-scaled snake. Because of which it’s difficult to identify which one is poisonous and which one is not. So, stay alert from this dual personality snake if you want to live happily!

10.Red Bellied Black Snake

It’s a common black snake which is less venomous that other Aussie snakes. It majorly found in urban areas and Sydney regions. The 2m long snake is capable of eating other snakes and are not particularly aggressive in nature, but if somebody disturbs it, it will flattened their body and hiss very loudly. Its venom causes blood clotting disorder and damages the muscles, but until now no death has been confirmed from this snake’s bite.

There are various snake removal services like pest control services available at almost every part of Australia. You can also call snake catchers to resolve the problem and then carry on your life happily.

Comment down which one is the scariest snake from the above list and stay in touch!

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