The Untold Truth Of Summit1g’s Girlfriend – Lilchiipmunk.

by Alexander Griffin

Summit1g is an American Twitch streamer, whose real name is Jaryd Russel Lazar. Summit1g was a competitive counter-Strike: global offensive player before he worked as a full-time streamer.

Who is Lilchiipmunk?.

Summit1g previously played for competitive teams A51 and Mythic. Jaryd was born on 27 April 1987. He has 1 million Twitter followers, 56.6k followers on Instagram and 702K subscribers on YouTube. Because he is so famous among his followers, people would definitely want to know more about his personal life. Lilchiipmunk is the girlfriend of Summit1g. She is a League of Legends player, who goes live regularly on Twitch. Here is more about Lilchiipmunk –

Lilchiipmunk whose real name is Caroline is a pro video gamer streamer who was born on November 28, 1993, in Toronto, Canada. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius and she has Canadian ethnicity. Her mother is Romanian, her father is Vietnamese and she speaks both Hebrew and English fluently. She’s been in Toronto since her childhood and still lives there. She has two younger twin sisters who are attending high school. She began her YouTube channel the same year of her matriculation, pursuing her goal of being a full-time gamer. She attended a local high school in Toronto in 2011.


On 13 December 2011, Lilchiipmunk launched her YouTube channel to upload the highlights of her streams of League of Legends. Her videos gained 200,000 views, but in 2019 she concentrated more on her Twitch feeds. She also played other titles, including H1Z1 and zombie survivals. She has won a lot in her favourite League of Legends game. Now she is an official member of AKA GG’s hardcore team.

She participates in numerous tournaments with her teammates Faellu, LocoDoco, Heisendong and Areio and also appears in cosplay events and gamescons.


Lilchiipmunk is called “Booby Streamer” because she’s appeared many times for exposing the intimate parts of her body while streaming. She was also banned by YouTube for explicit content. It is said that Lilchiipmunk does streaming in quite explicit dresses and costumes in order to attract the audience. She displays her thighs, breasts and other parts of the body which is why most people hate her. Many streamers say that because of female streamers, they have to suffer. They say that she doesn’t show any gaming skills, only displays her body and gain the attention of the audience.

Lilchiipmunk relationship.

Lilchiipmunk began dating YouTube and Twitch mate Summit1g, Jaryd Lazar in 2015. Lilchiipmunk claimed she is pregnant during her stream in January 2018, but there were no updates that followed, so it was thought of as a prank. Jaryd had previously married Desirae Lazar, another Twitch streamer; in 2013, they married, but in 2015 they were divorced.

Lilchiipmunk Net worth and salary.

As of 2019, the net value of Caroline is $200,000, accumulated under her name Lilchiipmunk on many websites.


Lilchiipmunk has blonde hair which she’s dyed multiple times. She has grey eyes. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 119lbs (54kgs). She likes to wear short dresses and looks very cute. When she streams, she wears sexy dresses and dances in these dresses. 

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