The Ultimate Guide to Supreme Sneakers

by Alexander Griffin
The Ultimate Guide to Supreme Sneakers

When it comes to hype in the world of street fashion, one brand stands head and shoulders above them all.


With minimal promotion and fairly reasonable retail prices, you could be confused about why their products garner so much attention. But their ability to straddle the worlds of high fashion and the streets have led to this small New York fashion label reaching a value of $2.1 billion. 

While those interested in the runways pay more attention to their clothes and accessories, there is no doubt what is the pinnacle for any street fashion aficionado.  

Supreme sneakers.

If you want to get up to speed on everything you need to know about supreme sneakers, then read on. Our guide will break down their history, their most iconic drops, and most importantly how you can get your hands on a pair!

The History of Supreme

When Supreme started, the thought of them becoming a fashion behemoth was far from the mind of founder James Jebbiah. A business partner of surf and skatewear pioneer Shawn Stussy, he was drawn to create a brand that was in sync with the burgeoning skateboard scene in downtown New York. 

He opened his first store in Soho in, 1994, and it was staffed by the local skate kids, some of whom went on to create their own clothing brands. 

Supreme today is known for its exclusiveness and small inventory but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. They originally produced in small batches purely not to overstock, but it turned out to be a perfect marketing ploy. 

While their products have always carried an aura around them, it’s the Supreme sneakers that steal the show whenever a drop comes around. Starting with the SB Dunks in 2002, their collaboration with Nike has meant that Nike Supreme sneaker leads the pack when it comes to desirability. 

Their work on the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Supreme set the trend, providing Supreme with more exposure and allowing Nike a seat at the higher echelons of the fashion world.

But Nike isn’t the only collaborator that Supreme sneakers have lent their name to. With that in mind let’s fill you in on all you need to know about the Supreme sneaker heavy hitters. 

The 411 on Supreme Sneakers

One thing to keep in mind is that Supreme don’t produce their own shoes. Therefore their work with the major shoe companies is always through collaborations.

As already highlighted, the most famous, consistent and sought-after collab is with Nike. In fact, it is a given that their spring/summer and fall/winter drops each year will include some new design concepts.  

But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t happy to mix it up with other well-known brands and designers. 

Anyone wanting to get into the world of supreme shoes needs to also be up to speed with their work with Vans, Timberland, Doctor Martens and higher-end brands like Luis Vuitton and Off White. 

The link-up with Vans was an inevitability, with both brands being beacons in the skate fashion world.  Stand out releases have been the 2016 Vans x Supreme Authentic Red Checker Logo sneakers and the floral Sk8-Hi, Era, and Chukka boot releases in 2013.

But the collaboration that really got tongues wagging was their LV and Off White collections. Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton Style director at the time, has a long personal history with street and skatewear culture, therefore the linkup wasn’t as left-field as it may have appeared to many.   

Working together since 2017, the essential sneaker in the collection would have to go to their Louis Vuitton x Supreme Run Away. Sleek and vintage in style, these kicks looked at home on both Hypebeasts and models sauntering down the catwalks of the world. 

But no breakdown of supreme sneakers would be right without talking about the aforementioned Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low. It started it all, and almost 20 years later this crocodile printed icon is still the most coveted sneaker around. Nobody interested in Supreme shoes can afford to not be familiar with them so keep your eyes out for a pair if you’re looking for a good investment.  

How to Get Your Hands on Supreme Sneakers 

Getting your hands on a pair of Supreme sneakers could seem harder than finding a unicorn in the forest, however in theory the formula is very simple. In fact, it hasn’t changed for almost 15 years. 

The first and most coveted option is to buy them directly from Supreme. This can be done either in-store or online.

Fortunately, the scenes of violent outbursts outside of their flagship stores and people sleeping on the street are now a thing of the past. They have a strict entry policy in place to prevent the inevitable chaos created by their products. 

Drops usually happen on a Thursday at 11 am, but getting to one isn’t as simple as turning up. You need to register online 2 days before and then be one of the chosen few invited to go. When you receive the message on Wednesday, it will tell you where and what time you need to be there for. 

If you want to avoid the crowds, online is for you. However, we’ll level with you. The chances of you being able to get your hands on any Supreme sneakers via their online store is minimal.

Remember, the appeal of Supreme is international. Everyone and their mother is hovering over the checkout button meaning that they are sold out in minutes. 

Your best bet is to head to the resale market, which is where the headline prices of Supreme products really are. If you do plan to dip your toes into this market however a word of caution. To avoid getting scammed, always buy them from a reputable seller. 

We like the work done over at Kickscrew, so visit this website to ensure your getting them from a reliable source. 

Essential Footwear for a Generation

Icons are very rarely ready-made. Work, talent, and luck are all contributing factors to any brand or individual making it in their industry. But one very important element that can’t be recreated or imitated is simply being cool. Supreme has it in spades and for that reason, supreme sneakers are so coveted, no matter who they work with. 

So are you going to cop a pair?

We hope you enjoyed this breakdown. If you did be sure to check out the other great fashion content we have on our site. 

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