The Pros and Cons Facial Recognition Technology

by Alexander Griffin

When you post a picture if Instagram and the website automatically tag the individual in the picture, you might not give much reflection to the digitization behind the ease. Therefore, when you find that face recognition technology could trace you without your approval while you are roaming around a street in the UK, it might make you inquire about the intrusion of your privacy. Just the same with any other latest digitization, facial recognition brings benefits and disadvantages.

The importance of facial recognition, and how does it function?

Facial recognition is a biometric advancement that adopts obvious facial scans to recognize an individual. Allied Market study estimates the facial recognition market to increase to $ 10 billion by 2023. Presently, it’s adopted in a variety of means from enabling you to unlock your smartphone, go through the security check at the air terminal, buy items at stores, and in the case of artist and musician Taylor Swift it was adopted to recognize if her well-known stalkers came through the door at her Rose Bowl concert in 2019.

Presently, we are overwhelmed with information of all sorts, but the plenty of picture and video information available gives the database required to make facial recognition operate. 

Pros of facial recognition

One of the main benefits of facial verification technology is security and assurance. Law enforcement companies adopt the technology to unleash fraudsters or to find missing minors or adults. In the USA, police were able to find an apprehended criminal using facial recognition technology within one day of an event where he frightened a lady with abuse at knifepoint. 

In cities where police don’t have the energy to assist fight minor crimes, company proprietors are installing facial identification software to inspect individuals and recognize points of attention when they reach into the shop. 

Since there is no connection needed for facial recognition like there is with fingerprint scanning or other safety standards, facial verification provides a fast, intuitive, and smooth verifying encounter. There is nothing before-mentioned as a code or ID document that can be misplaced or forgotten. Facial recognition technology can provide ease, in addition to assisting your tag pictures in Instagram or your cloud storage through Apple and Google, you will start to be check-out at shops without pulling out cash or debit/credit card – your face will be verified. At the artificial intelligence bar, facial recognition technology is adopted to add friends or employees who approach the bar to an overcrowding line to get served their beverages more effectively. 

Although feasible, it’s difficult to deceive facial recognition technology so it can also assist prevent scams. 

Cons of facial recognition

The greatest disadvantage of face identification technology in most individual’s beliefs is the threat to a person’s security. For instance, various nations have thought or will ban real-time facial recognition monitoring applications by law enforcement, involving San Francisco, Massachusetts, New York, and many more. These districts recognize the uncertainties of adopting technology outweighed the advantages. The FBI can still utilize recording from individually owned mechanisms such as Nest cameras to distinguish fraudsters, it’s just not enabling the government entities to adopt a live facial identification system.

Facial recognition technology isn’t as efficient at recognizing individuals of colouration and adults as it is white men. One aspect of this is the database the modules are trained or are not as intelligent for people of color and ladies. Until this is improved, there are challenges about the consequences of misrecognized individuals with the technology. 

Furthermore, there are problems that dire to be resolved that can deceive the technology when an individual alters image or the webcam angle isn’t pretty appropriate ( although they are operating on being able to recognize an individual by only their earlobe) It’s drastically enhancing, as stated by to independent tests by the United States NIST face verification software got 21 times improved at discovering a match in a database over a time that included 2015-2018. 

Another major con is the storage of personal information and the risks that arise with it. Just the previous month, we had the news that data sets including facial features adopted by the banking sector, police units, and defence companies were breached. 

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