The Healthiest Cities in America

by Alexander Griffin
The Healthiest Cities in America

Health-related location factors are important. Some locations encourage wellness by increasing accessibility to wholesome food and recreational amenities. Others work to maintain clean and well-maintained parks or keep healthcare expenses accessible to everybody. The COVID-19 epidemic, of course, has been the most important health concern in the last two years, and how a city responds to it will have a significant impact on the wellbeing of its citizens, both physically and mentally. Read on for the healthiest cities in America.

San Francisco

You might want to think about going to San Francisco if you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. This seems like an odd way to assess health at first glance; creating these paths and having people use them are two different things. The nine counties that make up the Bay Area have the second-lowest rates of diabetes in California, after Sacramento, and the lowest rates of obesity in the state. This is partly because there are so many healthy restaurants, but also because the city follows every health fad. Daily options include yoga, HITT weight loss, barre, and trampoline workouts. 


Residents in Boston have a high standard of living and access to first-rate medical care. The third-best hospital in America is Massachusetts General Hospital. You’ll be in good hands if you require medical attention because Boston is home to a number of cutting-edge medical programs and outstanding doctors and surgeons. Boston houses for sale are pricey, and living expenses rise yearly. Although there is something for everyone in Boston’s neighborhoods, there is also a ton of green space to get outside to bike, walk and run. 


Although Seattle is a large metropolis, it is also close to beaches, mountains, and forests. According to WalletHub’s ranking of the most physically active adults, Seattle took the top spot. The fact that the majority of residents walk everywhere definitely accounts for their good health. The city offers a ton of walking trails, urban treks, bike routes, and more. Although Seattle can be rainy, it also has a lot of perfect days! It’s encouraging to see Seattle so high on the list considering it has long been one of the nation’s healthiest and fittest cities. The weather can be far more nice than you’re led to assume, despite the fact that this city has had a very dreary winter this year.

San Diego

San Diego is a fantastic city for dog owners. Additionally, there are more dog parks per person in San Diego and San Jose. While some studies have suggested that owning a dog may aid in the management of chronic illness and the improvement of social interactions, the advantages of getting outside and engaging in physical activity with your dog are obvious. It’s true that California is one of the world’s top agricultural producers, which is why some people refer to it as the “breadbasket of the world.” Therefore, it is not unexpected that San Diego and San Jose have more farmers’ markets per resident. Farmers’ markets are attributed with having a favorable impact on health. It may be that this results in a higher incidence of inhabitants consuming five or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day or simply getting outside in the fresh air. Perhaps San Diego and San Jose inhabitants appreciate the convenience of working close by, or perhaps it’s the advantage of having well-maintained walking and biking trails, or maybe it’s just the chance that comes with having beautiful weather. However, a greater proportion of inhabitants in San Jose and San Diego choose to walk or bike instead of sitting in traffic when traveling to work.

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