The Do’s and Dont’s of Finding Discounted Disney Park Tickets

by Alexander Griffin
The Do's and Dont's of Finding Discounted Disney Park Tickets

Disney is one of the most popular franchises globally, and many people want to go to their parks. While planning a trip, however, it’s worth it to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible on tickets, and that is where you may need some help.

Discounted Disney tickets are very few and far in between, making them challenging to find. You may even start to give up looking for discounted tickets altogether.

But, before you throw the towel in, take a look at this helpful guide to finding legitimate, super affordable Disney park ticket discounts and how to pay below gate pricing

Know The Difference Between The Tickets

Disneyland has two parks where Disney World has four. It takes more than one day to see everything. It is highly recommended that you stay at least seven days at Disney World to see everything, and at least three for Disneyland. This is because there are countless rides, there are multiple shows, and if you have children, they will want to meet all the characters. As such, you should know what tickets do and the price difference between the two. That will help you determine the best tickets for your family.

There are two primary tickets that you will be able to choose from. They are known as the hopper pass and the one park per day pass. The hopper pass allows you to ‘hop’ between the parks. If you want to leave Disneyland, for example, and go to California Adventure, you can do this any time you wish to within the time parameter on the ticket. The one park per day lets you see only one park for that ticket. Depending on how you plan your trip, this is the cheaper option by about twenty dollars.

An example would be considering a four-day hopper pass for Disneyland would cost three hundred and eighty-five dollars. That sounds like a great deal. However, it takes a lot to go back and forth, and the lines are long. Instead, if you choose a four-day one park per day pass, you can still see everything, you do it once a time which many people think is the better option because you’re not wasting time going back and forth.

Who Is A Legitimate Affiliate?

An affiliate is a company that has been permitted to sell Disney tickets. They are legitimate, and you won’t get scammed out of hundreds of dollars. The authorized sellers can save you anywhere from twenty dollars to fifty or more. You will never see discounts on a one-day ticket or free days. That is the number one sign you are about to be scammed, and it’s something to watch out for. You can trust one of these affiliates when you need to know where to get Disney Park ticket discounts safely.

  • AAA sells Disneyland tickets at a discount, and it is a straightforward process. Promising to save you over thirty dollars per ticket can be a worthwhile option when planning a vacation.
  • AARP is another option that sells Disney tickets, though it’s only at certain times of the year. You must be on your A-game when this happens, as they sell quickly. Thankfully, each employee is knowledgeable about what time of year this occurs. As such, the only thing you need to do is ask, and they will give you all the information you need.
  • Costco is another excellent place where you can find Disney Park ticket discounts. If you go inside your local store and to the left, you will see a travel area. Here, you can get your Disney tickets at a great price. The only catch is that you need to be buying hotel accommodation as well. You also can’t go into Costco unless you have a membership.
  • Your local ITT office will help you get the Disney Park ticket discounts you need as well. Now because this is an office located on a military base, you will need a service member to get the tickets. You will also need them at the park with you. You cannot enter the park with military tickets unless the service member has their current identification card. The only other rule is that each service member is only allowed to have six tickets. If you have a family with more people, you will need another service member. These tickets are known for offering great discounts for your family, the workers can provide inside information, and you can get some maps and brochures.

All of these are viable and reliable options for buying your tickets. In addition to this, every one of these options can help you gain additional information about the park to make your trip better.

Run The Other Way From These Fake Disney Park Ticket Discounts

Just as there are genuine affiliates allowed to sell tickets, there are just as many who say they are when they are not. Never trust the following options when attempting to obtain Disney Park ticket discounts.

  • Craigslist-Craigslist is a scammer site, but more dangerously, it has to lead to people getting robbed or killed. You should never trust any offer from this site as people have been hurt trying to find deals for their families. In most cases, they will meet you somewhere remote for the sole purpose of trying to take your money or possessions.
  • Apps-Apps like Mercari, eBay, OfferUp, Poshmark, Depop, and other selling apps cannot be trusted either. These are not approved affiliates, and in these cases, they are usually selling you fake tickets. Or in other cases, they take the money from you and file a dispute so that you never get your tickets, but they keep your money.
  • Facebook-Facebook is another place where it is easy to scam people and sell fake tickets. Because things can be shipped here too, and they have the option of Facebook pay to make things more convenient, people have a better chance of scamming people. While this is unfortunate, it has made Facebook a place to avoid.

Saving On Disney Tickets For Other Countries

Disney isn’t just in America. There are resorts all over the world. As such, you need to understand the savings here as well. The parks overseas operate a little differently when it comes to savings as there aren’t as many options for savings. However, in the majority of these cases, you will find that the prices are lower than in the United States, meaning you are buying cheaper tickets and getting an international and cultural experience.

Tokyo Disneyland is pretty difficult to find savings for. If you are visiting from the United States, you will be happy to know that tickets are already priced lower than the parks here, so that’s a good start. The parks don’t have third-party wholesalers like they do in this country. You can find services similar to Expedia and the like that offer a small discount, but it won’t help much. A tip to keep in mind is to buy your tickets ahead of time to avoid complications.

Paris Disneyland is considered one of the most challenging areas to save money because of a surge in pricing. However, there are two ways to ensure that you save money successfully. The first is that you should buy from Disney themselves, and the second is to get the mini pass. The mini pass offers you smaller crowds. The mini pass also allows for savings because it’s on days that are already discounted. The last tip that we can give you is to consider an annual pass. If you stay longer than three days, it could save you quite a bit as the cost is the same for a three-day pass or an annual one.

Shanghai Disneyland is a favorite for many people because the prices are super low already. They experienced a price surge like Paris, but they have days where the parks are less expensive and less crowded. Use the Disney Concierge Service to get priority access to all of your favorite attractions as well as the best spot for fireworks. If you choose to utilize this service for your family, you will have to pay for it, but guests say it is worth the price as this is another option for avoiding crowds.

Disney Park Ticket Discounts Make For Great Savings

Keep these helpful hints that we have illustrated in mind when looking for Disney Park Ticket Discounts. There are a wide variety of ways to ensure that your trip doesn’t bust your budget. Going to another country can be a wonderful experience because they are cheaper already and offer some promotions that others don’t. If you are in the military or have a military family member, be sure to take advantage of the deals that you can achieve. Traveling on the off-season days is another great way to save money for your family as the tickets are usually lower in price. By being more innovative and doing your research, you will see that saving on tickets is a breeze!

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