Step By Step DIY Male Manicures Hacks

by Alexander Griffin
Step By Step DIY Male Manicures Hacks

A man’s hands are often the first thing people notice about him. If they’re rough, calloused, and dry, it could make a good impression on some people; but for many others, it will be a turn-off. There is nothing more nerve-wracking than shaking someone’s hand after your own has been neglected! That is why this article will cover six step-by-step manicure hacks that any man can use to have great-looking hands in no time at all!

What is male manicure?

A Male manicure is just like the same as a women’s one. But in men’s manicures, all steps remain the same except the application of nail polish. Because most men don’t want to apply nail polish or some of them go with transparent polish to protect their nails. So typically, a standard manicure for men includes shaping cuticles, trimming nails, and hand massaged. You can do it at your home or also you can go to your nearest nail salon for professional services. Here we will share some easy steps for DIY Manicure with you, which you can follow to give a refreshing look to your hands and nails.

Manicures DIY Kit

It is a set of instruments used to give manicures. They are usually sold as a kit and can include nail clippers, cuticle pushers, tweezers, buffers (to smooth the surface), emery boards or files (to shape nails), which come in different shapes for each finger. For a home-based manicure, you must have a complete manicure kit to perform the treatment. There is no special kit for men, and they can use the same, which is available for women in the market.

Home-based Manicures Steps

Here are some steps recommended by vibrant salon & spa professional to help you getting DIY Manicures

  1. You may need to clip your nails if necessary, then file them to perfection. In general, slightly rounded nails or square-rounded edges are best, but you can be as creative as you want.
  2. Please put your hands in a bowl filled with lukewarm water while adding a little face cleanser or shampoo to it. Cuticle soaking before trimming is essential, but too much immersion can damage the nail and skin, so keep the soaking time to a maximum of 5 minutes.
  3. If you are cutting away the thickened skin around the nail, cuticle remover is excellent for the job! Use only good quality remover, and don’t go for a cheap one. Most good-quality manicure kits already included this.
  4. Get rid of excess cuticles and calluses around the nails. By using the cuticle pusher provided in your kit, gently separate your cuticle from the nail. But, do not use it too far, or you may damage the nail growth or irritate the cuticle. Also, be careful not to cut into the nail itself or deeply cut into the skin when removing hangnails.
  5. To hydrate and replenish the skin on the hands, massage a creamy or silky product into the cuticles. Try good quality brush-on Cuticle & Nail Treatment for a spa-like finish or massage.
  6. You can also apply transparent or other nail polish colors of your choice if you want. Most men don’t like to polish their fingernails, but some prefer to use transparent nail polish to protect their nails.

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