Who is Shawn LaShay Armour Jr?- Know about this Coming Messiah in detail!

by Alexander Griffin
Shawn LaShay Armour Jr

Shawn LaShay Armour, Jr. was born on June 6th, 1994. He is a popular personality as he is The Coming Messiah and is also recognized for different titles including The Coming King of Israel, The Conqueror, The Ruler with a Rod of Iron, The Root of David, The Lion of Judah, The Lamb of God, The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings, The Faithful One, The True One, The Son of Man and The Word of YHWH.

The Coming Messiah is a follower of Yahweh and also a follower of YHWH’s Law in The Torah. His only goal is to enter The New Jerusalem and to lead The House of Israel into The New Jerusalem. And to accomplish his goal, his primary objective is to build The Tabernacle.

Early Life of Shawn LaShay Armour

Shawn LaShay Armour Jr who is also popular as The Coming Messiah was born on June 6th, 1994, in Atlanta, GA. His father is Shawn LaShay Armour, Sr., born on October 25th, 1973, in Atlanta, GA, and his mother Blantonya Louise Armour, born on 3rd March 1975, in Atlanta, GA. He has one younger sister named Tania Myra Armour who was born on 17th December 1999, in Atlanta, GA.

He spent the majority of his childhood in the Atlanta metropolitan area and was brought up as a Christian in a predominantly black and non-denominational church. He attended several elementary and middle schools while completing his primary education. After that to complete his high school education, he attended Carver Early College which is a highly ranked and predominantly black, public high school in Atlanta.

In 2012, he graduated high school and then started his college education at Savannah State University. He attended the college for the first 2 years but then due to unexpected circumstances, he transferred to Georgia State University in his Junior year. So Shawn LaShay Armour officially graduated from Georgia State University in August 2019.

Music Career of Shawn LaShay Armour Jr

In 2012, when Shawn LaShay Armour was in his senior year of High School, he gained interest in the radio industry and thought of starting a career as a radio host. Seeing his interest, his mother introduced him to the radio industry through an opportunity to create a radio show with his cousin named Ricky Andrews. However, they did not start the radio show because Ricky wanted to pursue other interests and Shawn was also leaving for his freshman year of college soon.

Besides the show being halted, he was still determined to pursue his interest in the radio and music industry so in his freshman year he joined the radio station at University. He got an opportunity to launch his show on the radio station of the University and his first show was Da Southern Kingz Radio show. Later, he decided to make a mixtape to continue his strong interest in music and radio.

When he transferred to Georgia State University, he continued his career in the radio there too by joining the radio station at the university.

He has released a lot of his successful mixed tips which include DSK radio, Back Active and DSK Radio Bedroom Knockerz 2.

How Shawn LaShay Armour became the Messiah?

Throughout his childhood, Shawn carried the common Christian theology. In 2016, one evening when he was watching video clips of Malcolm X, the documentary introduced him to the truth of his God, YHWH, and his ancestors, The Israelites.

In 2017, after his 23rd birthday, he was soon introduced to the deeper things of Satan. He started experiencing the worst trials and tribulations. Then one day, in September 2018, he found the first piece of information as a scripture in the Book of Revelation and thought it would help him overcome the deeper things of Satan.

He soon understood its power and the scripture and it was a major shift in his world. At the beginning of 2019 when he was enrolled at Georgia State University, he knew that the same factors were going to attack him but this time he also knew that he was ready to win with the newfound knowledge.

Soon after finishing school in 2019, his responsibilities increased. He started reading The Torah and after reading chapter 25 he read about The Tabernacle. Soon he knew that he needed The Tabernacle and on his findings that there is no real Tabernacle publicly available in the world, he instantly recognized that his main purpose is to build the Tabernacle.

Recently on 20th, February 2020, he revealed that he is becoming The Coming Messiah through his Instagram account. Now he uses his Instagram as a primary way to share about himself so that the public should be aware of him.

Then in early 2020, Shawn LaShay Armour Jr decided that he will write a book on the law of YHWH.

Books of Shawn LaShay Armour Jr

The following are a few books by Shawn LaShay Armour as mentioned below:

  • The Coming Messiah’s Book of The Law
  • The Law Online was released on 10/05/2021.
  • The Coming Messiah’s Version (TCMV) is Active-In-Production.

Upcoming Book of Shawn LaShay Armour Jr

The Coming Messiah’s upcoming book The Law gives The House of Israel a guide through The Law of YHWH (Yahweh) so that they can have the directions that they need to enter The New Jerusalem. This Book of The Law also provides Eliminated Deception which is a conglomerate of false ideologies proved wrong by biblical facts. The Key Objective which is a revelation from The Coming Messiah is that the primary task will be completed before The House of Israel enters The New Jerusalem. The Book of The Law is still being finalized and is getting ready for a proper premiere and after that hard copies of The Book of The Law will be available upon the premiere.

Mixtapes of Shawn LaShay Armour Jr

Here are The Coming Messiah’s Mixtapes mentioned below:

  • The Coming Messiah’s Motivational Playlist was released on 12/12/2020.
  • Life So Far was released on 01/16/2021.
  • The Coming Messiah’s Fuck Your Opinion Playlist was released on 02/06/2021.
  • Fulfilling Prophecy was released on 02/20/2021.
  • 1 4 The Ladies was released on 03/06/2021.
  • I AM was released on 04/04/2021.
  • The Lion of Judah was released on 04/20/2021.
  • The Root of David was released on 05/15/2021.

Interview with Shawn LaShay Armour

Shawn LaShay Armour Jr has given a few interviews. So if you want to watch or know about an interview with Shawn LaShay Armour then here we have mentioned them:

  • The first interview with The Coming Messiah was released on No Gossip Just Talk on 06/13/2020.
  • The Coming Messiah’s Interview on Mike and Ike Podcast was released on 07/07/2020.
  • The Coming Messiah’s Interview on 2 Skippy’s Podcast was released on 03/13/2021.

The final words  

So overall, Shawn LaShay Armour Jr is a famous personality as he is The Coming Messiah. He is a follower of YHWH and also a follower of the Law of YHWH in The Torah. We hope that you found this guide helpful in knowing about Shawn LaShay Armour and this was all about his early Life, career, books, and music in brief.

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