Several great reasons for an attraction to purchase a 14 seat golf cart

by Alexander Griffin
Several great reasons for an attraction to purchase a 14 seat golf cart

Arriving in your new job as the manager of a large tourist attraction you are full of enthusiasm. Having served your time as an assistant elsewhere, you have ideas to fulfil your remit of boosting the footfall and get your place up to the top of the list of places locals most want to visit in their spare time and somewhere that will attract those on holiday.

It’s a large site with both man made and natural attractions as well as an area with wildlife. You really are blessed with the scope on offer as much of it undulates to make it even more interesting. After the usual tasks of making everywhere tidy, repaired where needed and sorting some snazzy outfits for the staff there is an immediate introduction you wish to make.

You feel that its obvious that it will be difficult for those with any kind of mobility issue to see everywhere during their visit as its just too big. That will have an adverse effect on returning numbers if they feel that they have missed out. You decide to invest in purchasing several 14 seat golf carts for several great reasons.

  • They are excellent value for money and can be adapted to fit solar panels to make them self-sufficient and most certainly less expensive than investing in minivans which is another option.
  • They look cool and enticing for people to jump onboard as taking photos is easy without windows and the air flows through them. Charging a small fee to be transported around the attraction can also lead to opportunities to make a profit, something that will impress your bosses. You can then consider what child life jackets to purchase for your water feature.
  • They are adaptable and can be utilised for maintenance staff to carry materials around when it comes to repairs or evening cleaning operations. That will make you a popular boss with them.
  • Maintenance is easy and inexpensive. While batteries will need occasional replacement along with a water check, but there is little outlay after that. Spare parts are easily available to put right any necessary repairs.
  • No noise pollution from the carts means that there is no scaring of wildlife when driving around, as they have been designed to make as little noise as possible, although they come with a decent horn so your driver can alert those on foot. Their longevity allows an excellent depreciation value meaning you can recoup some of the fee when it’s time to sell them on. You can relax on your annual break to an idyllic island content in a job well done.
  • Your 14-seat cart is environmentally friendly as they produce no emissions. The vehicle is even greener as it seldom requires new parts.

A 14-seat electric golf cart will offer any attraction or business a fantastic addition to their list of reasons to visit, aiding mobility to ensure everyone gets to see everything. It is a cost-effective solution which is also good for the environment.

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