Scrub Daddy Net Worth- Founder, Evolution, Awards & Achievements and other details

by Alexander Griffin
Scrub Daddy Net Worth (1)

With a remarkable net worth of $310 million USD in 2023, Scrub Daddy has established itself as a prominent player in the cleaning product industry. The company generates an impressive $82 million in annual sales. Renowned for its iconic smiley face-shaped sponge, Scrub Daddy gained significant recognition after its appearance on the popular reality television show Shark Tank. This exposure catapulted its product to widespread popularity throughout the United States.

In addition to its accomplishments, Scrub Daddy holds the distinction of achieving the highest revenue of any product successfully pitched on Shark Tank. The company was founded in 2012 by Aaron Krause, who recognized the problem of exterior damage to vehicles during cleaning and sought to address it. With a vision for innovative cleaning solutions, Krause invested in the development of Scrub Daddy. The company also employed grassroots marketing strategies to propel its products into the market.

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Scrub Daddy in Shark Tank

In 2012, Scrub Daddy made its debut on Shark Tank, catching the attention of the investors who recognized its potential. Lori Greiner seized the opportunity and struck a deal with Aaron Krause, securing a 20% equity stake in exchange for a $200,000 investment. The television exposure proved highly beneficial as the product gained a substantial customer base, evidenced by the sale of 42,000 sponges in under seven minutes on QVC. By 2017, the company had surpassed $100 million in total revenue, solidifying its position as a well-known brand. Scrub Daddy expanded its product line to include scouring pads, dual-sided sponges, sink organizers, soap dispensers, and household erasers, further diversifying its offerings. The success of Scrub Daddy has not only yielded impressive financial results but has also established a lucrative portfolio for the Shark Tank investor.

Net Worth

Since its inception in 2012, Scrub Daddy has experienced remarkable growth, culminating in a net worth of $310 million in 2023. The company’s trajectory skyrocketed after its appearance on Shark Tank, propelling it to new heights. In 2017, it surpassed the impressive milestone of $100 million in revenue, a feat exemplified by the sale of 42,000 sponges in less than seven minutes following its televised exposure. By 2019, Scrub Daddy had achieved a staggering revenue of $209 million, solidifying its position as a leading player in the sponge product category.

Founder of Scrub Daddy

Aaron Krause is the founder of a renowned cleaning product company known for its innovative approach. One of his notable creations is a smiley face-shaped sponge, which has proven to be a major customer magnet. Krause’s ingenuity was on full display during his appearance on Shark Tank, captivating the investors with his unique product. In 2012, Lori Greiner made a wise investment in the company, acquiring a 20% stake that has since experienced substantial growth, yielding impressive returns for her.


Before its acquisition by 3M in 2008, the company behind Scrub Daddy wasn’t widely recognized. However, Scrub Daddy itself was founded in 2012, as stated on their official website. The inspiration for the product came from identifying the problem of damaging a vehicle’s exterior during the cleaning process. Since its inception, the company has experienced remarkable growth, particularly after its appearance on the popular reality television show Shark Tank. The headquarters of Scrub Daddy is located at 1700 Suckle Highway, Pennsauken Township, NJ, USA.

Evolution of Scrub Daddy

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Scrub Daddy experienced a significant surge in popularity, leading to impressive growth for the company. In a deal with investor Lori Greiner, she acquired a 20% equity stake in the business. The product’s widespread appeal is evident in the remarkable sales performance, such as selling 42,000 sponges in less than seven minutes on QVC. The company achieved a remarkable revenue of $209 million in 2019, solidifying its success.

With a dedicated team of over 273 employees, Scrub Daddy has expanded its product line to include a wide range of offerings. These include scouring pads, dual-sided sponges, sink organizers, soap dispensers, and household erasers. The company has managed to secure distribution in approximately 257,000 retail locations, showcasing its broad market reach. Notably, Scrub Daddy ranks among the top five grossing companies in Shark Tank history, with an impressive $670 million in retail sales since its launch. The brand has also formed partnerships with renowned retailers like QVC, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart, further bolstering its presence in the market.

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Awards & Achievements

Scrub Daddy’s remarkable success can be attributed to its substantial sales growth since its debut on Shark Tank in 2012. The company has achieved numerous milestones and garnered prestigious accolades. Notably, Scrub Daddy has been honored with the Product of the Year award in the cleaning tools category, underscoring its excellence and innovation. Its achievements have also gained recognition from esteemed publications such as Forbes and The New York Times, further solidifying its reputation as a leading player in the industry.

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