Top RIP Full-Form You Should Know About – RIP Word History and Uses.

by Alexander Griffin
RIP Full Form

The internet has taught us different abbreviations like LOL, ROFL, LMFAO, ASAP, FYI, TTYL, IMO and so on. There are thousands of widely used internet abbreviations and one of the most common among them are RIP. We write RIP on someone’s social media post to grief the death of a person. In real life also, RIP is a commonly used word that stands for “Rest in peace.” When someone says RIP, they are expressing their wish for the individual who has died to Rest In Peace. Christian people are the ones who use it the most. When a member of one’s family passes away, people use the abbreviation RIP to pay homage. On the gravestones of the deceased, the words RIP are inscribed. When someone dies, they seem to be resting, which is why the phrase “Rest In Peace” is used. Also, the word rip is a verb that means to tear anything. When you swiftly rip any clothing.

But did you know, there are some other full forms of RIP? No?Here we have compiled a list of famous RIP full forms for you –

Top RIP Full Forms

RIP – Rest In Peace

RIP – Requiescat In Pace

RIP – Raster Image Processor

RIP – Research in Progress

RIP – Recovery Is Possible

RIP – Really Inspirational People

RIP – Return If Possible

RIP – Regular Investment Plan

RIP – Retirement Income Plan

RIP – Read in Private

RIP – Request in Process

RIP – Refractive Index Profile

RIP – Rapid Install Package

RIP – Remote Indicator Panel

RIP – Rate Image Processor

RIP – Rapid Installation Plan/Phase

RIP – Rough-In Point

RIP – Routing Information Protocol

RIP(Eventually) – Rocks In Park

RIP(jokingly) – Return If Possible

These are famous RIP Full Form. There are several other complete forms accessible for RIP. As a result, you now have a good understanding of RIP. You’ll also learn how to utilize RIP.

Not only should you know the full form of RIP before using it, but you should also know all of the words and short forms before using them.

RIP meaning in Hindi

Meaning of RIP (Rest In Peace) in Hindi is आत्मा को शांति मिले

Rip (verb) meaning in Hindi is किसी वस्‍तु को चीर देना

RIP (Rest In Peace) Abbreviation Example

1. Basketball legend and his daughter in the helicopter crash- #RIP Kobe Bryant & Gianna Bryant.

2. RIP Sohail, we all will miss you.

3. RIP to all doctors who lost their lives to protect us during the pandemic.

4. 21 soldiers died in the Naxal attack in Chattisgarh, RIP to their greatest sacrifice.

5. RIP to Sushant Singh Rajput, you’ll forever be in our heart.

6. RIP is written on her grave.

7. Do you know RIP is used by Christians mostly.

8. RIP to people who lost their lives to cancer.

RIP use in Hindu Culture – A Concept Of Debate

RIP is used in Christianity to wish someone who has died everlasting rest and

serenity. Christians bury the deceased, and the soul sleeps in peace in that cemetery for all eternity until the day of judgment arrives. On the Day of Judgment, the Lord will decide who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. They believe that the dead will rise again on the Day of Judgment. The spirit must suffer and suffocate within that casket till that moment comes.

Here’s where the issue starts. In Hinduism, there is no idea of the dead rising from their graves. Reincarnation is a Hindu belief. It is said that an individual’s Karma governs the cycle of birth and death. Based on his former life’s Karma, the departed person would take another birth. His or her soul begins looking for a new body. As a result, there is no rest in peace in Hinduism, and so the idea of RIP is invalid. The Hindu religion believes in Moksha, or escape from the eternal cycle of birth and death. As a result, rather than saying RIP, Hindus should say “Om Shanti” or “Aatma Ko Sadgati Prapt Ho (May Soul Achieve Moksha)”. Sadgati is a Sanskrit word that meaning “salvation” or “freedom.” Hindus constantly pray for the soul’s release from the cycle of life and death.

In reality, the notion of RIP is very similar to the Hindu concept of Preta (evil, hungry spirits), which is essentially a curse. After departing his or her body, a person becomes Preta. When a soul is trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere for an eternity, it becomes Preta. It becomes evil. It begins to cause difficulties for others, and this eventually becomes its sole goal. Hindus don’t let them have their Preta identity because it’s a curse.

RIP Full Form in Different Categories

# Law and Legal

RIPRegulatory of Investigation Powers

# Technology(Physics)

RIPRefractive Index Profile

# Printing

RIPRaster Image Processor

# Eventually and jokingly

RIP( Eventually )Rocks In Park
RIP( jokingly )Return If Possible

RIP Full-Form History

As you may know, RIP stands for abbreviation and short form of Rest In Peace. According to Wikipedia, RIP is most often used in Christian culture since Christians do not burn their dead corpses but instead bury them and put RIP in their graves for the soul’s peace.

On the graves of Catholics, the letters RIP are inscribed to grant them everlasting rest in peace. When people die, it is termed Rest in Peace because we know that when they die, they are resting. According to the book of Isaiah, this is a statement. There is a notion that on judgment day, God will judge the living objects; until then, the body must go to rest in peace. On gravestones, the phrase is usually written as RIP or R.I.P. It became popular on Catholic tombstones in the 18th century, when it was a fervent wish that their soul finds peace in the hereafter. The phrase is mostly used in the Christian faith, and it is not used in any other religion.

Do not use RIP as rip

When we write initials of words like Rest in Peace, we use capital letters, but if we use small letters, the entire meaning will changes. Using rip at the place of RIP will not portray a good message as the meaning of rip is “to tear or be torn violently and quickly.” Use words wisely!

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