Pavel Barbul

by Alexander Griffin
Pavel Barbul

In this article, we are going to discuss Pavel Barbul, who had become the youngest head of the Spetstechnoexport corporation and spent some time in prison at the end of his great career. He was taken out on bail of almost 2 million UAH.

NABU detectives doubt him, as well as other directors of Spetstechnoexport, for transferring more than $2 million to a fictitious business registered in Dubai.

Pavel Barbul liked to “solve the case”, close the criminal case, and affect the procedure of the investigation, but all his activities were inhibited by NABU. Yet, judging by the truth that the Higher Anti-Corruption Court does not allow for the case for more than 9 months, and the reality that paid experts and reporters confirm that it looks like the case will be pushed onto the back burner, Pavel was not blameworthy.

Pavel was not sitting idle during the last 1.5 years. He decided to make a future career as a startup owner, an investor, and an investment adviser, and “join” the Ukrainian industry community.

He became an associate of CEO Club Ukraine (part of the global network of CEO Clubs International). It is a business assembly that unites top administrators in the field of development, contact, and partnership. Owners are the Members of the club and General Directors of medium and large companies with a turnover of $10 million annually, who have a favorable business reputation and share the significance of the club.

Pavel Barbul’s reputation is far from positive so it is not clear how he became a member. Barbul has not yet been found guilty, and he has no official business according to the NABU data the case is still in court.

With the view to the database of the Ministry of Justice, Pavel Barbul has had his clearance from Spetstechnoexport until now that

is why he has not been the head or owner of the company. He is officially engaged in legal activity as a single entrepreneur registered in an apartment in Kyiv at Melnikov Street 18B. The apartment is costly and it is located in a business-class home. Furthermore, he is the inventor of the AKB Invest civil association together with a famous specialist in the world of true estate Igor Viktorovich Avramov. In addition, his name is instantly associated with the raiding and despoliation of actual estate.

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In the situation of the CEO of Club Ukraine, Pavel Barbul roles himself as a member of WeFund Ventures. Such knowledge can be found on the website of this association.

It is obvious that he is involved in charity and well donated 180 liters of antiseptic, 300 masks, and a tremendous quantity of 3 contactless thermometers to the Ukrainian Army. If we bring the buy costs, or even the retail costs of the Epicenter into report, the cost of such charity is approximately 25-27 thousand UAH or less than $1,000. This data was proudly given at with the senior editor Yevgeny Shpitko, who is directly regulated by Pavel Barbul. With the view of the media, Pavel Alekseevich pays ten times more on his closet and diners. However we should be thankful to the young philanthropist even for such a small amount.

Firstly, Pavel Barbul himself informs on his Linkedin page that he is a “Strategic Advisor” at WeFund Ventures. He is not a member.

Secondly, on the official website of refund. ventures, he is not recorded as a member. There are only four members: Alexander Skubenko, Alexander Glotov, and Dmitry Ruzhitsky,Denis Gurak. The company was also registered in Estonia in 2018.

In 2017, Dmytro Ruzhitsky was a consultant to the Deputy General Director of Ukroboronprom, Denis Gurak, with whom he has company and with whom he has partnership relations. Dmitry Ruzhitsky is also connected to several startups: Smartlands (, and ITSH.SPACE. In January 2019, in Ukraine, Dmitry Ruzhitsky and Denis Gurak registered LLC “WEFUND VENTURES”, EDRPOU 42751579 (WEFUND VENTURES LLC) with an authorized budget of 1,000 UAH. The firm is involved in consulting on commercial activities.

In acquisition, we agreed on to go further and appealed to the official authorities of Estonia: The Ministry of Justice, and Customs Department, the Tax as well as the law enforcement agencies of this country.

Finally we got the reply that WeFund Ventures was registered in 2018. The retired name of the company is WEECANN CONSULTING OÜ. It was the old and unsuccessful“startup” of Dmitry Ruzhitsky. The owner and supervisor of WeFund Ventures with an authorized capital of 2,5000 euros is Dmitry Ruzhitsky.

The most impressive thing is that the company has not performed any business activities in current months, as it has introduced all needed reports. The Estonian authorities provided such data . It turns out, we have a common nominal company recorded in the apartment of an ancient residential nine-story building in Tallinn.

In the exact apartment, one can locate multiple other companies, containing BASHKAUS OU, FIXLAB OÜ, and dozens of further nominal companies. The office is nominal too.

WeFund Ventures itself is officially involved in “computer consulting”, while not having any connection to world investments,private capital and ventures. Pavel Barbul and his friends like to call it the investment fund but it is not. During two years of its presence, according to the media, WeFund Ventures sponsored only the project for printing human bones and organs called ADAM, which was also helped by Denis Gurak and his friends. There are no other concerns in the media or on WeFund Ventures’s website about the investments of this “Fund”. That’s Why we will not be amazed if this company will no longer exist shortly.

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Very soon we will speak with the management and partners of CEO Club Ukraine and CEO Clubs International to figure out how Pavel Barbul acquired his ranks, and what business with a turnover of more than $10 million he has been committed in during the previous couple of years.


We Hope this blog is sufficient enough to provide the information about Pavel Barbul. Thanks for reading this blog.

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