Michael Galeotti Family, Movies, Education, Net Worth, Death

by Alexander Griffin
Michael Galeotti Family, Movies, Education, Net Worth, Death

Michael Galeotti was a brilliant musician who was affiliated with the Enation rock band. In this rock band he was a keyboardist and gave his contribution in the success of the Enation rock band. He became more popular when he married to talented musician and actress Bethany Joy Lenz. She is famous for playing the role on One Tree Hill.

About Michael Galeotti

Michael was born on 28 August, 1984 in Long Island, New Jersey. His zodiac sign was Virgo.

Nationality and religion of Michael Galeotti

Michael was born in Long Island New Jersey and he is American by nationality. He was related to a Jewish family. His ethnicity is Belgian. He is Christian by religion.

Height and weight of Michael Galeotti

The American musician was 5 feet 9 inches tall. His weight is around 70 kg. He is American by nationality; he was also famous for being ex-husband of actress Bethany Joy Lenz. His hair and eye colour was dark brown. 

Family of Michael Galeotti

His father’s name is Mike Galeotti and his mother’s name is Sheela Galeotti. He had three brothers Keifer Galeotti, Aaron Galeotti and Luke Galeotti. He got married to famous American actress and musician Bethany Joy Lenz. However, the couple got divorce. They had a daughter together and her name is Maria rose Galeotti.

Career of Michael Galeotti

He born in the family that was related to music it gave a huge contribution in his life. He also had a Passion of acting. He started his music professionally in 2004. He joined the team with Amber and later the joined the band Enation. After sometime the group became a famous group in Battleground Washington. He worked with the Enation rock band for more than 7 years. He gained hugs success and fame in music industry. The Enation band had multiple air play of songs and various album released within the same period. My Ancient Rebellion was the last project of Michael with the band. It was an album which was released by the Enation band in 2011.

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Wife of Michael Galeotti

He became more popular when he got married to American actress and musician Bethany Joy Lenz. She is a singer song writer and Jewellery designer by profession. She started her career with the time television show Guiding Light. It was a CBS soap Opera. She also worked in One Tree Hill which was one of her most significant projects. She also became a singer and released album Preincarnate. The couple met for the first time in December 2005 and they got married in 31st December 2005. Their wedding ceremony was a very private ceremony which was held in a Barn on New Year’s Eve in Hillsboro, Oregan.

However, in March 2012 she announced that the couple was considering a divorce. She made this announcement on her website. After her marriage she used her husband’s name as her surname but after the divorce see again started to use her birth name.

The couple had a daughter together, her name is Maria Rose Galeotti. Maria was born on 17 February 2011. Currently Maria rose Lives with her mother Bethany has her mother got the custody of her.

Net worth of Michael Galeotti

He was a popular musician. He earned money through live shows. At the time of his death, it is estimated that his net worth was around $6 million.

Death and obituary of Michael Galeotti

He was suffering from many diseases. He even went to the doctor surgery just a week before his death. He was diagnosed with high blood cholesterol hypertension and diverticulitis. Michael was held in the hospital but the discharge on his own cognisance and went home. After one week when he did not answer any phone call then a friend decided to meet him but it was too late when he reached his house he found Michael dead at his home, the date was 11 January 2016. In his autopsy report it was found that there were no drugs in his blood system any other illegal substances and the cause of the Death was identified as atherosclerotic heart disease. 


  1. 1. Who was Michael Galeotti?

    Answer- He was a musician of America and he was also famous for being the ex-husband of famous American actress Bethany Joy Lenz.

  2. 2. When and how did Michael die?

    Answer- On 11 January 2016, he was found dead at his home by one of his friends who tried to talk him on phone call but Michael did not answer. He was suffering from some heart disease.

  3. 3.What was the net worth of Michael?

    Answer- It is estimated that the American musician had the net worth of around $6 million.

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