The Untold Truth Of Tom Selleck’s Son – Kevin Selleck

by Alexander Griffin
Kevin Selleck

In Hollywood, there are legends that have undeniable legacies. Children follow in their parents’ footsteps. Today we are going to discuss  Kevin Selleck, son of Tom Selleck, one of the legends in the history of Hollywood and a famous personality. Seeing a son of a famous figure take the same direction as his parent is a rewarding feeling.

The American actor and singer Kevin Selleck is renowned after he appeared on “Magnum P.I.” and “Scream 2.” He is the adopted son of Tom Selleck, who has been a part of more than 50 movies and television shows.

While Kevin was the son of one of the most celebrated stars, he was able to keep his life behind closed doors. Somehow. The celebrity now lives a pretty quiet life with his partner and children.

After appearing in a few movies, Kevin Selleck became the man who captured the hearts of millions of people. Despite this, he gained a lot of notoriety once people learned that he is Tom Selleck’s adopted son.Kevin’s life is extremely difficult both in the beginning and in the middle. He tried so hard, though, and never turned around. Allow yourself to watch this inspirational biopic of Kevin Selleck.

Who is Kevin Selleck?

Born in 1966 in the United States, Kevin S. Shepard AKA Kevin Selleck is an actor but best known as the adopted son of the successful American actor and director, Tom Selleck.

He was born to Jacqueline Ray who was a model and actress and well known for her characters in films like “Beyond The Universe” and “In Like Flints.” Not much about his father is unknown except that his surname was Shepard and his mother was married in the 1860s.

On August 7, 1987, after his mother Jacqueline was married to Tom Selleck, he formally adopted Kevin and then, at the age of 19, Kevin changed his last name to Selleck. Jacqueline and tom got divorced in August 1982 after ten years of togetherness. But, even after their divorce, Tom remained an essential part of Kevin’s life. Kevin grew up with two step-siblings – Umeko Ray and Hannah Selleck. Hannah does not work in the entertainment industry.

Kevin joined the University of Southern California after his matriculation from a secondary school and played volleyball similarly to Tom Selleck his father. However, as he wounded himself and left the game, his hopes to take volleyball as his career ceased.

He spends much of his childhood in Hawaii and California. At that time, his step-dad spent much of his life shooting at Hawaii for the series Magnum, P.I. During those days, Kevin spent more time on Hawaii beaches.

About Kevin Selleck

Famous American actor, TV personality, and former drummer Kevin Selleck, Being the adopted son of the well-known actor Tom Selleck has made him very well-liked all around the world. Since his stepfather has always supported him, Kevin has made appearances in a number of movies. His films include Scream 2, P.I., and Magnum.He has, however, experienced a number of failures throughout his life. He was able to attain such huge successes thanks to his perseverance. Kevin S. Shepard was his birth name, but after being adopted, he altered it.

Start of Career

In 1993, Kevin and four of his friends started their career as a drummer with Tonic rock band, including the leading vocal and rhythmic guitarist Emerson Hart, leading guitarist Jeff Ruso, bass guitarist Dan Lavery and bass guitar player Dan Rothchild. Their debut album, entitled “Lemon Parade,” was released in July 1996, and both its singles “Open Up Your Eyes” and “Soldier’s Daughter,” were entered in the Billboard 200. “Hot 100” the album ultimately went platinum.

After his band breakup, Kevin began his career as a TV artist with the episode “Infinity and Jelly Doughnuts” of the famous TV series “Magnum P.I” (1980). He was also part of the film “Scream 2.” he also wrote a soundtrack called “Eyes of Sand” for Scream 2.

Early Life

The year Kevin Selleck was born was 1966 in the USA. Jacqueline Ray, Kevin’s mother, is a well-known actress best recognized for her roles in Mangum (1967) and In Like Flint (1967). (1980).His real father’s identity is unknown, although he goes by Shepard. His mother wed Tom Selleck, a well-known American actor, after divorcing her first husband.Kevin was adopted by Tom Selleck on August 7, 1987, who was already Kevin’s mother’s second spouse. Jacqueline and Tom divorced in the summer of 1992 despite this. Tom intended to keep Kevin forever after that and refused to leave him alone.Tom has actually had a significant impact on Kevin’s life and assisted him in finding great success. Additionally, Kevin has a stepsister named Hannah.

Education and Career

In Los Angeles, California, in a high school, Kevin Selleck began his elementary education. He did really well in his academics. Later, he enrolled at USC and started playing volleyball like his stepfather.He and four other people created the rock group Tonic in 1993. Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, Dan Lavery, and Dan Rothchild make up the other four members.Each person had a separate instrument area of expertise. Kevin was also responsible for managing the drums.

Kevin and his four bandmates release their debut album, Lemon Parade, in July 1996. The album featured multiple songs, such as Soldier’s Daughter, If You Could Only See, and Open Up Your Eyes.

The album later achieved platinum status. These singles also spent 57 weeks on the Billboard 200 and the Hot 100 airways.However, Kevin quit the rock group in 1996 following an ugly altercation between him and another band member. He did, however, give other explanations for leaving, such as family and personal matters.

Love life and relationships

Kevin and Annabel Selleck reportedly met during high school – they had been dating back over a decade before they got married in the 1990s. Kevin and Annabel are attempting to distance their families from the focus of the public. They have six children together.

Facts about Kevin

1. Kevin enjoys watching comedy action movies of Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp.

2. His favourite movies are “Ace Ventura” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

3. Once he was 22, Kevin was sent to the Betty Ford rehabilitation Centre for his addiction to drugs.

4. His net worth is over $1 million.

5. After a $6,000 bill from a credit card firm, Kevin faced charged in 2011.

Film Industry

Kevin then made an attempt to start a new band in order to advance his musical career. He requested assistance from a friend.After having issues releasing his albums, this ultimately proved to be unsuccessful.Being the adoptive child of a well-known celebrity, he had no troubles in life. Tom Selleck, his stepfather, gave him support while he pursued a career in the film business.

Kevin debuted in the 1980 television series “Magnum, P.I.,” which starred Tom.In 1997, his stepfather assisted him in getting a role in the horror film “Scream 2,” for which he also contributed to the score.Due to his roles in these films, Kevin became incredibly well-known all around the world. In addition, it might be said that his stepfather’s support is the only reason he is so well-known now.Kevin is currently almost hidden from view and cannot see clearly.

Personal Life

Early in the 1990s, Kevin Selleck wed Annabel Selleck. The couple allegedly first met while Kevin was a student at the same high school.They continued to date for nearly ten years while living a single life. They made the decision to be married in the 1990s as soon as they felt ready to do so.

Six children have been born to Kevin and Annabel Selleck. The pair prefers to keep their personal affairs private.As a result, they haven’t appeared in public, not even on social media. They appear to want to celebrate their marriage privately, away from the public and the media.

Hobbies and other interests

Kevin has dabbled in modeling over the years, but just as a hobby and not as a career. He has been passionate in acting and music ever since he was a small child. He is a huge fan of classic rock, and among of his favorite bands and musicians are Aerosmith and Guns ‘n Roses. Tom, his stepfather, introduced him to the film industry, which he still finds enjoyable today. His favorite movies are “Ace Ventura” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, and he especially enjoys Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp comedic action movies.

Kevin has taken many trips throughout the years, and Berlin, Germany, has always been his favorite destination. Along with his father, he has traveled to many Asian countries, including China and Japan.


Kevin used drugs and battled an addiction to them for years. He was admitted to the Betty Ford treatment facility at the age of 22 owing to his drug addiction. But the first time, he balked at going there.After the recovery treatment, Kevin was able to overcome his addiction thanks to Tom’s subsequent persuasion.When Kevin racked up a $6,000 credit card debt in 2011, he was hit with certain charges.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Kevin Selleck is $40 million, which he has acquired through a variety of methods. Kevin, however, now only has acting as his one and only occupation.Despite this, Kevin has several options to quickly enhance his $40 million wealth.His income also comes from movies, TV shows, brand promotions, ads, etc. He does not, however, intend to continue working for more money.He simply wants to have a contented life in which he can accommodate the needs of his kids at every stage.

Tom Selleck, Kevin’s father

Tom Selleck was born on January 29, 1945, in Detroit, Michigan, USA, under the sign of Aquarius. He is a citizen of the USA. Tom is a producer, an actor, and an Army National Guard soldier from California. In the 1980–1988 television series “Magnum, P.I.,” he achieved renown as Thomas Magnum. Robert Dean Selleck, a real estate investor, and Martha Selleck, a housewife, raised Tom in both Sherman Oaks, California, and Detroit. He attended Grant High School before enrolling at Los Angeles Valley College. Later, he changed schools to the University of Southern California, but in his senior year, he dropped out to pursue an acting career and attend classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

He joined the California Army National Guard’s 160th Infantry Regiment in 1967 after receiving a draft notice during the Vietnam War, serving there until 1973. He had one of his earliest TV appearances in 1965 for the television show “The Dating Game,” which he later appeared in again in 1967. After leaving his infantry regiment, he began acting in movies like “Coma” and “The Seven Minutes,” but he didn’t become well-known until he began playing Lance White, a private eye, in “The Rockford Files” TV series in the 1970s. He made his acting debut in the 1972 film “Daughters of Satan,” and he got his first main part in the 1979 picture “Concrete Cowboys.”

He had to turn down the role of Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” which eventually went to Harrison Ford, in order to begin playing private eye Thomas Magnum in the television series “Magnum, P.I.” in 1980.

Tom gained fame in 1995 for playing Richard Burke in the critically acclaimed television sitcom “Friends.” He acted as Monica Geller’s boyfriend, but the relationship ended when Monica could no longer accept Richard’s lack of desire to have children. In addition, he is well recognized for his appearances in a number of TV series, such as “The Closer,” “Jesse Stone,” and “Las Vegas.”

On August 7, 1987, Tom wed Jillie Joan Mack; on December 16, 1988, their daughter Hannah was born. They are now staying on Tom’s 60-acre avocado ranch in Thousand Oaks, California. In 1982, Tom and Kevin’s mother, Jacqueline Ray, got divorced. He played volleyball for the 1990 All-American team and enjoys the sport. He plays hockey well and usually attends Los Angeles Kings games.


Kevin Selleck is a remarkable man who gained popularity after making his cinematic debut. It’s also true that Tom Selleck, his stepfather, is to blame for everything.On the other hand, Kevin has sacrificed everything he has to build his successful profession. In truth, he had endured difficult times when victory was on the verge of being attained.Whatever the case, Kevin is currently content in his life with his wife and kids. I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading about Kevin Selleck.


  • What is the nationality of Kevin Selleck?

Kevin is an authentic American. But nobody knows for sure where he was born.

  • What is Kevin Selleck’s weight?

Kevin is a remarkable 6 feet 3 inches tall, matching his stepfather Tom Selleck in stature.

  • What is the current net worth of Kevin Selleck?

Kevin’s net worth is thought to be approximately $16 million despite his financial difficulties, given to his acting career, platinum album, and record sales.

  • Kevin Selleck is either married or unmarried?

Since 1987, Kevin and Annabelle have been wed. She has a thriving business as a costume designer and is the proprietor of Good Pet Food Kitchen. She designed the character outfits for the Australian drama All Saints. Being an animal lover and a specialist in manufacturing high-quality, wholesome pet food, Annabelle is a great fit for this position.

  • Has Kevin Selleck ever had kids?

 With Annabelle, Kevin is a father to six children. But annoyingly, neither the couple’s names nor even ages have been made public.

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