Jollmall shoes Reviews

by Alexander Griffin
Jollmall shoes Reviews

In this blog we are going to tell you about Jollmall shoes Reviews, so read this blog carefully to get the complete information.

Ever visited the Jollmall site?

What is Jollmall?

Jollmall is an online platform which sells different products at a good and reasonable price. Also, it has an online store that has a beautiful theme and images of the products. Jollmall is under the suspicion of being a scam or bad site. Some red flags have been found when the site has been analyzed. It is important that you get aware about the working and strategy of this particular site.

Specifications of the Jollmall site

  • Website type: e-commerce site
  • Kind of Products – Large range of products
  • Domain age – Older than two years
  • Email id –
  • Contact Number – Not available
  • Address – Not Available
  • Payment Method – The site accepts PayPal as well as other online payment methods.
  • Shipping Policy – Within a period of 1-2 weeks
  • Certification – HTTPS certification available

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Advantages for making use of

  1. A variety of shoes can be accessed on this site.
  2. Simple payment option available to consumers within the United States.
  3. Its domain’s age is more than two years old.
  4. Order can be cancelled before it’s shipped out for delivery with a full refund.

Why is Jollmall under suspicion?

There are some red flags which make Jollmall a suspicious website:

  1. Missing Owner’s information – Being a scam site, the information of the owner has been hidden. At this website, we found no information about its owner. Here, you are going to buy a product with your hard-earned money but you don’t know the person on whom you are trusting with your money. It has become very convenient for the scammers to scam people by hiding their identity without any fear of getting caught.
  • Copied content – Jollmall has copied its content from another site which needs to be genuine and unique for any legit website.
  • Worldwide shipping – To sell the products across the globe, the site uses no charging method but it raises the red flag. The Jollmall site is offering free shipping on all orders, which is a trap set by this site maker for innocent people.
  • Security Measures – The site has a valid SSL certificate but there are no security measures, which show that Jollmall makers are not serious about their customer data. In order to protect the site and data from the scammers, the site has no security software for its site therefore hackers around the world try to hack the website.
  • Payment Gateways icons – All the payment gateways icons present on the Jollmall site are actually not genuine and original which just mislead people.
  • No social media presence – The Jollmall site has no presence on social media platforms. In today’s world, it is assumed that a site which is not using the platform of social media is not sincere about its work.

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Final words

The Jollmall is an unsafe site to use so we request you to maintain a distance from this site and don’t use its services. We like to make people aware of not only the scam sites but also make them conscious to think twice before using such online shopping websites.

We Hope this blog is sufficient enough to provide the information about Jollmall shoes Reviews . Thanks for reading this blog.

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