Johnny Jett – Star in “Barnwood Builders”

by Alexander Griffin
Johnny Jett Bio

Johnny Jett – Introduction

Johnny Jett, a popular Reality TV Star in “Barnwood Builders” which is broadcast on the Discovery channel and also famous for his DIY projects. He was born on 24 April 1949 under the zodiac sign Taurus. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois but later he shifted to West Virginia to pursue his career. He was interested in machines, that’s why he chose his hobby as a profession. He is currently 72 years old. There is not much known about his family but we know he has a grandson. There was a rumor that he is dead but it was all fake, he is alive and still working actively.

His Career –

The series “Barnwood Builders” started in 2013 and then Johnny Jett got the media’s attention. Before that, he was just a barn builder artist who sold his artworks on his website. He has a net worth of $400,000. He has a good salary of $50,000 from the series.

Barnwood Builders –

“Barnwood Builders”, the series for which he is popularly known began airing in 2013 and caught the media’s attention thereby. The series is based on the lifestyle of a team of builders who work on changing the historic barns and log cabins into a variety of relatively modern buildings. This series can be watched on Great American Country and the DIY network.

His Co-Star – Mark Bowe

Mark Bowe, Johnny’s co-star, and his West Virginia Company are also an important part of the series. Mark was born on 6 March 1970, in the USA. He is known for his hard work and he has a mantra that is ” Work hard, Be kind. Take Pride.” Just like Johnny, Mark also has several DIY projects which can be found on his website.

Mark is in a relationship with the Virginia House of Delegates candidate Cindy Lavender-Bowe. They have been together for more than 20 years and they have a son named Atticus. Mark once said that he and Cindy knew each other through friends and attended the same school and with time they became a couple. His net worth is 1 million and his salary is over $60,000.

A popular Interview

In 2016, Johnny allowed his supporters to ask him any question and he will reply from his Reddit profile. One man asked how he has achieved this success in his field so he simply replied that it came from experience. Another man asked which place had surprised him the most so he said about 4 corners of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. He stated that he liked the diversity of animals and plants.

His well-known works

The crew has traveled to many places including Waynesboro and Emerickville. In August 2019, they traveled to Waynesboro, Virginia to make over a barn. The owner of the barn, Debbie Battle, and her husband sent a photo of their log cabin to Mark Bowe, which was turned into a wedding chapel. “We just love the idea of having a chapel. We thought it would be a great photo op for the brides that are coming, and it’s just something old and preserved like our barn is”, Battle said.

They also visited Emerickville, to save an 1853 barn that was owned by Norma Shuckers. The barn was the property of the great grandfather of Don Shuckers. It was used for raising beef cattle. Norma said that she had fixed a price for the farm, but her son wouldn’t let her do anything before he could reach the Barnwood builders.

Youtube contents

There are many videos and pictures clips of Barnwood Builders on youtube. They were most liked and watched by the people. These include –

“Log cabin simplicity: recrafting pioneer tiny homes in corn Iowa”, “THE TRUTH… about Log Cabins… and Log Homes” and “Barnwood Builders S08E02 – Hidden History”.

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