How To Install Floating Shelves

by Alexander Griffin
How To Install Floating Shelves

Do you love decorating the interior of your home?

If so, you’re not alone. After all, there’s no better feeling than making small improvements to a living space. This includes both big and small changes that make a home feel warmer and more inviting. The key is to understand how to make the maximum impact by focusing on the smallest details.

For example, floating shelves are a great way to utilize your wall space while creating a gorgeous aesthetic touch. Here we take a look at a guide for installing a floating shelf to make the process as stress-free as possible. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Floating Shelf?

Let’s start by discussing exactly what we mean by the term “floating shelf”. This type of shelf gets its name from the fact that the shelf doesn’t appear to be attached to the wall by any form of hardware. It literally looks like it’s “floating”.

Floating shelving is very popular because it offers a clean design aesthetic without sacrificing strength. 

The Tools You’ll Need

The process of installing a floating shelf is relatively easy, but you will need a few tools.

This includes a digital stud finder, shelving hardware, measuring tape, level, pencil, cordless drill, and wood screws.

Getting Started

The first step in the process is to locate studs in the wall where the shelving will be mounted. This is where your digital stud finder will come in handy.

Once you’ve located the stud for each end of the shelf, use a pencil to mark the center of each stud. Now use a level to draw a line between the studs. This line will help the shelf to remain level when installed.

Here’s a resource where you can find gorgeous oak shelving for your home.

Installing the Shelf

Use your cordless drill to drill a hole in the center of each stud. These holes will be used to secure the shelving brackets on the wall. Attach a shelving bracket on each stud with a wood screw. This could require up to four wood screws for each bracket.

Once the brackets have been firmly securely to the wall, you can use the guide holes on the shelf to slide it into place. Then all you’ll need to do is test the shelf for strength.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Installing Floating Shelves

It’s no secret that decorating the interior of a home can be tricky, especially when you have limited space and an even smaller budget. Fortunately, this guide to installing floating shelves will help beautify your home without breaking your bank account.

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