How to Conduct Your Own Quick Local Digital Marketing Audit?

by Alexander Griffin
digital marketing

The digital world has developed many advantages for new businesses to grow. Unlike the traditional business strategies, you do not need to go to every area and promote your business. New businesses can easily get noticed all over the world with minimal efforts. But this also brings competition to the market and makes it hard to survive.

One should be up to date and equip the best strategies to get attracted and noticed. One of the best things is to grow and maintain a website for the business. The websites can be made more efficient and competitive in the online world. The best way to make it happen is to conduct a quick digital marketing audit. A digital marketing company in Delhi helps several businesses to meet all the requirements needed to satisfy the customers. 

Background and Importance of Digital Marketing Audit-

Before moving to the guide, it is better to know the basics of the audit. The digital marketing audit is an evaluation of all the efforts you have put into promoting your business. It checks how your strategies and ads are performing. Just like the business audit, it gives insights into all the investments you make. It keeps you up in the highly competitive market.

Guide to Conducting Digital Marketing Audit-

It is your choice to decide what to include in your audit. But make sure to include all the crucial factors that have an impact on your business. Here are different categories, which are essential for local SEO success.

1. Google My Business Page Audit-

Google My Business page is a tool to promote your business on Google. By connecting to it, you can get connected to the customer point of view through their comments on your business profile. However, there are many flaws that you may face with your business page. For example, there could be duplicate pages related to your business or an incorrect Google My Business page associated with the email address on the customer’s domain. Add all these things to your spreadsheet to maintain and correct them.

2. Website and Landing Page Audit

A website is like a virtual address of a business in the digital world. It is necessary to have an optimized website to provide a user-friendly experience to the visitors. Local SEO services can help in ranking your website at the top, but still, you need to be precise in different aspects. Site structure and correct crawlable NAP on the landing page are crucial information for audit. The site should contain all the business details, like working hours and contact info. Navigation from one page to other pages should be understandable and easy.

3. Citation Analysis

Citation is listing of business name, address and phone number on the web. People have the wrong notion of ‘more does not mean better’. Better citations are more important than more citations from poor quality directories. One of the biggest and toughest things in the citation analysis is to check the top fifty citations and ensure that you are listed in them with consistency and without any duplicates. If all your citations are in the proper place, you can search for more high-quality citation sources.

4. Review Analysis

Review analysis is another big thing for which you should put in a lot of your efforts. Although reviews are one of the most overlooked problems with local businessmen, they are more crucial than any other. Take all the reviews seriously and try to summarize them in main points. Analyse all the reviews and try to categorize them differently. Different factors to check are to find positive sentiments in the reviews, find if they are unique, and whether they are from a power user. Collect reviews posted on Google and also famous third-party reviewing platforms. You will get reviews from different category of people on different platforms. 

5. Social Analysis

Social media plays a crucial role in making someone hero or zero. People are more active on social handles than on any other platform. Many people have blind faith in social networking sites and make their mind by just reading positive or negative stuff about a particular issue. To get to know about the true reviews that people have about your business, keep your business’ social handles active. You can get comments on each of your post or business idea. Facebook has the highest traffic from which you can get feedback from all the people related to your business. Also, analyse the response you get on all the platforms. A good response means that people are interested in your business.

6. Competition Analysis

Every market has a different style of competition. Knowing your competition better helps you to know where you are lacking. The important thing in competition analysis is to identify your competition. You can get top competitors by searching for the keywords that you want to rank. List down all this information in a spreadsheet. After finding your competitors, try to understand the strategies that keep them on top. Find their domain authority, page authority of landing page, number of links from root domain and many other things. It will help you compare and highlight your mistakes.

These are the few things that will help you withstand the highly competitive nature of the digital market. You can also audit different things included in the development of your business.

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