HOA Guidelines for Managers and Board Members

by Alexander Griffin
HOA Guidelines for Managers and Board Members

Arizona HOA Members of the board and management are essential to successfully operating your community associations. The most effective Board members are people of honesty and sound judgment who work to maintain the best objectives of your neighborhood at the forefront and are willing to contribute to the development of your community. A very effective HOA can be created when such a Board member is teamed with a Community Manager who is a strong communicator and genuinely cares about the neighborhood. You can always get help from Scottsdale hoa management companies.

Best Practices for Your Homeowners Association’s Board Members

  1. Prepare your finances for the long term.

Think of your Association’s total financial position going forward rather than just the present when making financial decisions. Learn about the assets in your neighborhood and their scheduled upkeep. The assets of your association will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Avoiding routine maintenance costs your HOA money instead of saving it. Complete and maintain a Reserve Study. Do not be afraid to increase assessments if necessary.

  1. Make knowledgeable decisions.

Set continuing education as a primary priority. Yes, some elements of being a competent board member need trial and error. Still, you may reduce errors by going to board training sessions, researching your HOA’s rules and regulations, and seeking the advice of professionals. Always ask a question if you come across something you do not understand. And,

  1. Be sensible

Yes, you have a lot of responsibilities as a Board member, but that does not mean you have to be despotic or impervious to change in order to continue serving the community. Avoid making rash decisions, take charge instead of reacting, and separate the real issues from local drama.

  1. Be Open-Minded

The best course of action is always honesty, which fosters confidence between the Board and HOA members. Even though you might occasionally be inclined to hide unpopular or unpleasant judgments, secrets are never kept for long. Homeowners will have sentiments of disappointment and mistrust after learning the truth. Are there circumstances in which certain matters must be kept private? Sure. However, the majority of the time, the HOA Board’s business is open to the public and must be available to homeowners.

  1. Communicate

Nobody enjoys being taken by surprise. Establishing “unity” among your homeowner’s associations is facilitated by effective communication. Use the tools at your disposal to inform your members and establish a procedure for them to contact you.

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